Selling Has It Changed for This New Economy with Tom Hopkins episode 131

July 21, 2016

Tom Hopkins is world renowned as a professional speaker and trainer. He has shared the stage with past Presidents and First Ladies of the United States, star athletes and today’s business elite. His delivery style is light and fun while providing real life strategies that are easy to apply…helping you have more success in your life. Over the years 5 million people have attended Tom Hopkins seminars. He has written 18 books.

Today we are going to find out from Tom Hopkins how modern day selling has changed for contractors.

What is your definition of the term sales?

Finding the qualified people who are looking for products and services and help them say yes.

Do you feel that many people have a love-hate relationship with the term sales or “I hate selling syndrome”? And how do you help them overcome that mindset. We are all in sales and sometimes have the wrong impression of sales in general.

You see many people referring to the sales in the new economy. What do you feel has changed if anything in the way people should approach selling in this new economy?

The average American has more knowledge available to them in today’s society so the sales person needs to be up on his game so that there is a trust relationship.

What are the best opening lines you have found to use in a presentation?

Tom has always taught that after the pleasantries and thanking them for their time that we have to share that this is just sort of an exploratory meeting. Meaning my job is to analyze your needs and if we feel what we have to offer is right for you, then we will make an proposal to help you and your family enjoy the benefits of what we are offering. Please relax and by the way if you are not happy with the product its ok to say no!!!

You say the person who is asking the questions is the one in control of the sales presentation. What are some key elements for the sales person to be in control?

Asking and listening is what will help you be in control in the sales situation.

In light of social media coming into the market place would you say it can be used as an effective sales tool and prospecting tool, a relationship tool. It is just a tool we still need to get out and meet and talk to the people?

Last what are 2 of the most important things we can do to become a more effective sales person?

Find a mentor and copy those who are doing well. Work harder on yourself to get better at what you do.

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