Scott Dennison SEO Expert Spills the Beans About Google Episode 90

October 15, 2015

Scott Dennison, is an SEO expert to the contracting business, creating leads so you can grow your business. Getting the phone to ring is his specialty.

Today SEO expert Scott Dennison spills the beans on how to get the maximum results, learning along the way how to play nice with Google and learning from them on how to work within Google’s system.

He says it’s a numbers game. If you do enough of the right things then the numbers add up and you will be at the top of the charts on Google’s front page.

Even with Google changing the game, SEO still works and it’s some real simple things that will keep your business on top.

He reminds us that what Google is most concerned about are the people who search. And for us they are searching for a relevant business.

Does that business have top notch original content that others will look at and share? Do they have good reviews that will keep them on top of the page in the map section? What about reviews on other sites, and YouTube videos that are linked to your site, and posts that are on Google Plus. These are all important considerations that will put and keep your company on top of the first page of Google. If your company is on top of the page, you WILL get more calls.

With SEO it’s all in the math. Do enough things and it adds up to being on the top and having your phone ring.

Scott is coming out with a new program for those who can’t or don’t want to hire him for his one on one SEO marketing services, but want the results he gets for his clients by doing it themselves.

Top Ranked Roofer will be a community for roofing business leaders, actually anyone in the contracting business that wants to grow their client list through SEO. In TRR we’re going to offer help in a “Done With You” model that will include regular training for members, a step-by-step system for optimizing the online marketing efforts and a community of experts and peers to help and answer questions and find solutions to everyday online marketing issues.

It’s going to be marketed as a value of at least $97/mo, but initially (until the first 100 members are in place) will be only $47/mo.

Go to Scott’s website and get more info on how to get that phone ringing

And to get a FREE copy of Scott’s Book 80/20 book

Check out this episode!


scott-dennison-SEO-expert-podcast-episode-1024x683Scott Dennison SEO Expert Spills the Beans About Google Episode 90

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