Sales letter vs Brochures which one wins for marketing?

July 2, 2014

                        Sales letter vs Brochures which one wins for marketing?

Everyone is intrigued by putting together brochures for your marketing

 Is the time spent finessing a brochure really worth it.

Does it bring the results you want or is it just a pretty piece.

How many do you have to print a time .What if you change or add a service?

   It really SCREAMS sales  so how do your get people to read it.

Now let’s take a sales letter believe it or not it doesn’t scream sales like a brochure.

With a good marketing sales letter you’re building a relationship with the reader you know what  is on their mind that you a can help them with.

You are actually leading them where you want them to go to the end of the letter they can’t randomly look at flaps on a page and get glassy eyed and throw the brochure away.

With a letter you can print one at a time or a hundred at a time.

Make as many changes as you want.

Consider multiple mailings to the same potential clients we recommend at least 3 sequences to a campaign. The more you mail to the same people the better your response rate is.

The key is to get your message read change up the type of envelopes.

Track it, track it.t rack it

Always make sure your letter has a call to action .

 If done properly your sales  letter actually become  your sales agent .


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