Sales, Do You Love Or Hate It Episode #87

September 24, 2015

Sales Do You Love or Hate it Episode 87#

You don’t know how many people I run into that say they hate sales. They even hate the word “sales”. I’m talking business owners…go figure! I’ll guarantee their lack of revenue shows in that remark.

Whether you love or hate sales you’ll take the money, so you might as well learn to embrace it. Those who don’t understand the sales process, like Zig said a long time ago, “timid sales people have skinny kids.”

If you keep telling yourself you hate sales you will have a whole lot less of the money and rewards than the guy who embraces the profession of sales and the way it stimulates his economy. The truly good sales person is always in control of their economy. Just remember, people don’t like to be sold they love to buy..

Make Them Buy YOU

The interesting thing about sales is, whether you like sales or dislike sales, everybody participates in one way or another. If you have a good job you sell your boss on whether you are a value to the company and if you are, then you stay there. If you not a valuable employee, you are let go and you start the process of selling yourself to another boss so you can prove yourself or not all over again.

It’s like being on the hamster wheel. It would be best if you looked at sales and selling in a positive way and realize everything in life and business revolves around sales.

The Best Salesmen

If you are not convinced yet then take a hard look at your kids when they want something. They have their mind set on getting something and they just don’t give up, never, EVER. I don’t care how many times you say no.

And if you knew my eldest daughter, a true sales person, when she was a teen she really figured how to work the crowd, yes, me and my wife. Let me explain… one day I agreed to go shopping with the girls (my least favorite thing to do, but this particular day I went).

My daughter came out of the dressing room with this pretty dress she wanted and asked if I would pay for only half the dress. I thought I was getting off the hook for the whole thing so I said absolutely.

Later, come to find out from my wife that she was asked the same question in the dressing room, “would she pay for half the dress?” and her response was the same, “absolutely”. Her thought process was the same as mine, I don’t have to pay for the whole thing!

Once we realized that we had been sold on buying the whole thing, all we could do was laugh. It was a great lesson for everyone, my daughter figured out how to break down the process so that it was palatable for everyone involved. I felt like I didn’t have to eat the whole elephant even though I did. I tried to get her to go to law school after that.

You Don’t Need “Tactics”

I’ve been in meetings where we’ve talked about sales and the business owner says that he hated the thought of even selling, wonder why he’s struggling? I really think there are many business owners and some new to the selling world who struggle with sales because they look at the persistence of their kids and look at how they we nagged and were annoyed to giving in. Or past sales situations they were in where they were in a situation of a hard sell or getting buyer’s remorse.

The sale process is not about getting what you want until your client or prospect gets what they want or need. I realized a while back after I got over the, “I’m not the sales person type”, that people like to buy and not be sold. It changed my whole thought process on the way I viewed sales.

I’ve read many great sales books and tried to remember all the lead in and trial closes. I came to realize that if I liked myself and my product was one that could benefit the potential customer, I didn’t have to sell it. I just had to figure a way for them to buy it.

Honestly if people truly like to buy, wouldn’t it be easier to help them to buy your product or service than to try to “sell” it to them? It sure beats trying to remember those trial closes and how to hold the proposal and when to give them the pen!

Just Be Yourself

I think learning is a wonderful thing and I’m a reader, always trying to be better at what I do. Do you really want to be the best sales person? You need to be your best and you need to get better at being the real you and to sell according to you own personality.

Don’t try to be like anyone else or emulate someone else’s personality. Yes, there is even a sales tactic too. Just be yourself! If you have been trying to be some else for so long you’ve lost your identity, STOP IT.

Build Rapport

The most successful sales people I know have taken time to know about their product, how it works, what the benefits are, how to convey it to the potential client so they have a simple grasp of what they want to buy.

But the most important thing they have learned is how to create rapport with the potential client, I mean they have learned how to create instant rapport!

I know this one salesman that works for a friend of mine who has mastered the art of building rapport with the customer, so much so, that he makes a mid 6 figure income from selling residential roofing.

It is a real joy to watch a master at work. I don’t think he came out of the womb a natural, he took the time to learn about people and how they lived. He knows why they buy and what drives them.

I’m sure he’s like all of us whether he follows a system or has a routine that gets him from point A to Z.

On building rapport…if I enter into sales situation in my business, I know that if I can get them to chuckle I am doing good. And if they have an animal or small kids and I interact in some way with either or both, and I’m in the home for at least 45 minutes then they genuinely feel that I have their best interest in mind.

With those types of “signs” I know then that 84% of the time they buy from me. And of course there is a follow up campaign, but we will save that for another time. Today is about figuring out a way for your prospect to buy from you because you have what they want and it will be a good fit for them.

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