Run Your Contracting Business with Less Stress More Success with Al Levi 157

January 19, 2017

Run Your Contracting Business with Less Stress More Success with Al Levi 157

I’m excited to talk to Al Levi today because he is a former heating air conditioning and electrical guy was part of his family business for  25 years.

He created the systems in his family business that allowed him to sell his shares of the family business at the young age of  50 to pursue a consulting career to other business owners create less stress and more success by helping them implement the systems and manuals that helped the family business become more streamlined.

Out of that process, he wrote a book called Run your Contracting Business with Less Stress and More Success, the 7- Power Contractor.

A 7-Power Contractor is a leader who is in command of the seven major areas that require their attention as an owner… leadership and planning,  operations,  finance,  selling,  marketing,  staffing,  and sales coaching.

Written by contractors for contractors just like this podcast.

Al talks about the struggles many of us have, some we actually create for ourselves and how to overcome them.

Is today’s generation in the workforce any different than past generations entering the workforce, and how to have your systems work in step with your employees?

We talk about how the implemented systems and manuals on policies and procedures once in place actually paid for themselves. Here are some key areas:

  • Reduced call back times
  • Less down time because employees were better prepared
  • Customer service
  • Customer interaction
  • Fewer calls to office and supervisors for information because they were educated better and more empowered to make decisions

The implementing of systems and policies and procedures, in reality, helps you have your employees buy into the company process.


  • There is order in the running of the company
  • There are policies and procedures as to what should be done when and why
  • They are trained to move in one direction
  • And trained in different scenarios of operations and procedures.
  • The systems, policies, and procedures are the foundation of your business.

Al has helped many businesses create more success with less stress through the 7-Power Contractor

You can a copy of his book  click here  to go to his website

You can contact Al

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