Relationship Marketing on LEGAL Steroids Joshua Lattimer | Contractor Secret Weapon Episode 155

January 5, 2017

It’s really awesome to have Joshua Lattimer back on the program!

Today we really go into relationship marketing and Josh has really taken this concept to a whole new level and putting a new twist on the whole concept by renaming it the Gratitude effect.

Why is important to make you customer to feel really important appreciated and loved?

It cost so much less to keep a customer than it to go out and get a new one.

Yet we continually go after new business because most business owners have leaky buckets.

The only reason they have leaky buckets is their customers are leaving because they are not treated special. Heck, most business owners never give that customer they just did business another thought.

Maybe you don’t understand the importance of making your customers feel appreciated, loved and having a real relationship with them, rather than only focusing on a wham bam thank you ma’am transaction right and leaving them high and dry. Look, little businesses don’t follow up sometimes at all or not enough with their customers.

This is your company’s biggest asset, this is the thing like the gold mine in your pocket. For whatever reason we completely neglect it, not on purpose, but it can devastate your business.

It’s one of the big reasons businesses get stuck at the same revenue level  for  10 or 15 years. Because they’re getting as many new customers in as they’re losing on the backend and they’re just spinning their wheels because they have no retention strategy in their business at all.

That’s really unfortunate but Send Jim tries to do is solve that problem. Yeah it’s going to cost a fortune to get new clients in the business and, in fact, it actually cost 8 or 10 times more to get a new customer than it does to keep a current customer.

Everything is about math, so do the numbers! Does it make good business sense to lose customers on the back end while your dumping money into the top end of the funnel to replace the ones your losing? Or would it be wiser to take a good portion of your marketing and focus on keeping your customers? Focus on the ones that support your business and do some new lead capture for new business for actual growth.

To learn more about Josh Lattimer, Send Jim and how you can plug your leaky bucket and retain your profits and grow…

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