Reigniting Your Passion with Business Strategist Scott Hansen 240

December 11, 2017

Scott Hansen Shares with us today about reigniting your passion. Some great tactics and strategies. To move us from the ho hum of our lives back to the passion of why we started our journey.

Scott really wants to help the entrepreneur the business owner move to what he calls turn the lights back on in their business to help them get to the next level of success because we only get this thing called life once there are no redo’s in life.

Why not become the best version of yourself in order to do that and have the kind of business or have the kind of life that you truly, truly want.

Being passionate with your passion, lot of guys you know they get into the normal everyday stuff and they forget I think you’d probably say they forgot about that why they just do the things they do. They forget about the why.

How do you get re inspired, how do you get re motivated if you’re going

through life and it feels like Groundhog Day sometimes. I would suggest to anybody that feels like their challenged they’re stuck or they have plateaued.

Getting reinvigorated this is going to be an interesting answer but let’s go with just two answers.

  1. Find something outside of work find something outside of work that inspires you.

Why, a lot of times Groundhog Day does kick in you get up the same time you have the same breakfast you see the same people you do the same type of business you leave work at the same time you take the same way home you eat the same dares the same three to five dinners and then you watch the same T.V programs.

And then you do it all over again kind of sort of all the time.

Change it up, go join something, go do something else outside of your norm I don’t care what it is if it’s going to join a book club if it’s going to you know go to a different gym if it’s going to take a different

path during your running whatever it is do something anything that’s different that’s outside of your comfort zone.

  1. Set bigger goals.

Now that sounds obvious Well OK if I want to have a million dollars revenue let’s go for ten million dollars.

If you really want to get reinvigorated again is not only set a goal

but goal set a maybe even a materialistic goal So for example let’s say you’re driving a Camry, maybe a stretch for you is a Lexus.

Set some huge massive goal that at the end of that carrot stick is something that you can actually tangibly touch maybe it’s a trip with your family maybe it’s a new car for yourself.

The reason why we’re not inspired by our goals is because we set goal three and a half percent more than what we did last year, and we hope and pray we hit it.

That it’s not even fun and it doesn’t get you out of bed jumping right.

You say how many people can I inspire and help today, that can open you up to a lot of different things in your business.

The short answer is well if you’re obviously a contractor and you do you typically deal with a set of clients every day if you ask yourself Who can I serve today, how many people can I help today, that’s automatically going to have your brain think wait a second I’m currently doing business

with five or ten clients but if the question is how many people can I help today that opens the parameters to more than ten clients.

That means I have got to go out and talk to more people that’s going to excite me more about my business and that means I’m going to help them. Potentially with our products or services.

In the short of it reigniting your passion is going  to move you to new heights in your life and your business.

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