Reaching the Pinnacle of Lead Generation at Hour Wise with Ethan Wirt episode 137

September 1, 2016

Reaching the Pinnacle of Lead Generation at Hour Wise with Ethan Wirt | Episode 137

Win more jobs and increase your win rate with better lead pre-qualifications with Hour Wise.

Save more time, manage your business more efficiently.

Make more money and increase profitability by focusing on direct revenue generating tasks.

This is Dave Negri with Contractors Secret Weapon and we are on Episode 137, Reaching The Pinnacle of Lead Generation, and we have Ethan Wirt with Hour Wise. I originally talked to Ethan  back little while ago and so I knew that I had to have him on the show for you.

This is all about Hour Wise and the lead generation and follow-up system they have. This is a unique package, it is a “done for you” system and I think you’re going to find this is very exciting for the growth of your business.

I want you to listen to what Ethan has to say… it is very profound in what they do and I really think that they’re going to be leaders in the marketplace for lead generation in the future because they  have a very unique approach to it so listen carefully.

Here’s the quick and dirty, but would love to talk to you more about it specifically…

What we do:

#1 Assign you an account manager who works with you closely to figure out appropriate amount of appointments a week, travel radius, job type, etc.

#2 Setup a local phone number, train some of our team on your business, takeover your Thumbtack profile, or set you up one if needed (or similar platform, but usually start with TT) and we start funneling leads in, and start working them as your “sales assistant team.”

#3 Give you access to an IPHONE & DROID App that creates a national discount coupon at Home Depot if you want it, and special VIP access to Sherwin Williams from a national relationship we have with them (and some other discounts too, but not as compelling).

#4 If you want, we design a custom / digital quote template and will actually create your proposals for you, so you can just call/text/email in your project info from the appointments we set you and we’ll turn it into a digital document that can be signed, credit card captured, tracked, etc.

How the Pricing Works:

One Time Setup Fee: $199.  We guarantee 5 solid appointments OR 3x your money back on the discounts within 90 days or you get your money back. Never had to do this, but we’ll stand by our work

Option A: “Success Fee Pricing Model:” meaning you only pay if you WIN the work. Commission paid is 15% of the first $1,000 of a WON Jobs and 5% from $1,000 to $10,000 (fee is capped on jobs $10,000 or greater, so the max per job fee is $600. We’ve had guys win $30k – $40k jobs for $600!). This is our most popular plan, as it is very affordable and very low risk.

Across the country we have seen average job sizes about $3,000 so the cost of the marketing AND the support to set the appointment, follow up, etc usually hovers around 8-9% of the total sales our pro’s earn.


Option B: “Per Appointment Fee:” $100/an appointment. This price is negotiable, depending on volume of appointments purchased, etc…. This option is usually easiest for those customers that want a more predictable monthly marketing/support spend and don’t want to have to keep track of job values, etc.

Feel free to contact the team at Hour wise

To see how they can help you make your business life a tad easier and profitable.

Check out this episode!

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