Quiet Determination Unlocking the Gates to Unlimited Success Kory Livingstone | Episode 149

November 24, 2016

Kory Livingstone is focused on how quiet determination can unlock the gates to unlimited success.

So the question is…how long will you put off what you’re capable of doing just to maintain what you’re currently doing?

The mindset that enabled him to develop the attributes so fundamental to success in any walk of life was incubated in an environment of seemingly innocuous music lessons.

The environment that builds and develops anyone’s mindset, as it has for others, could be sports, literature, sales, teaching, studying, trades, or profession…anywhere.

The letter that Changed Kory Livingstone’s life and nudged him to write his book:

Dear Kory,

I have admired your persistent quiet determination and attention to details. It is more than talent; it’s a mature determination. I could do well to apply the same to my life. May God bless all of your efforts!”

Neil S.

Neil was the manager of the venue where I was giving the concert. Apparently I had caught his attention as I worked away at my chores that afternoon. He was so impressed he was moved to reach out. A week later he sent me that succinct & profound note. It was scratched it out on a little yellow 3×3 post-it note. Neil was obviously impressed by Kory the person, as opposed to Kory the musician.

It’s the fear of failure.

Fear is what causes many of our dreams to fail. Mistakenly most people think that if they take a “risk”, try something new, or do something differently, people will think less of them if it doesn’t work. People are scared to death of that time worn phrase.

On the positive side, a failure is only another opportunity to learn, to improve on what you know, and to take another step toward success.

There’s an old quote that says,” Behind every successful man is a woman.” What people don’t realize is that the woman behind the man is actually a “talent whisperer.” A talent whisperer is someone who is in your corner encouraging you, supporting your dreams and aspirations regardless of what others may say.

Another word for talent whisperer is “coach.”

Kory’s book is his story is about how he was trained to be accountable.

The little things our parents do to make us accountable. In this case Kory’s mom each day would help him be accountable by keeping him on task with his music lessons.

This was the actual beginning of his overall task to become successful.

Everyone has a dream of some sort, somewhere in the back of their mind.

The number 1 reason dreams remain unfulfilled is fear. Fear of failure. This fear is masked by a million different excuses, all of them masquerading as reasons.

Success is built one brick at a time. These bricks have many names. Some use the name attitude or mindset, others will say bearing, temperament or behavior. Kory calls his bricks “quiet determination.”

We often don’t recognize that we’ve been SNIOPed (Sensitive to the Negative Influences of Other People), and attribute our apparent lack of success to a list of imagined excuses or short comings.

The worst negative influence may be your own overly self-critical, self-talk, that’s holding your back from pursuing your own dreams.

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