Purposefully Getting Referrals and More Business Using Maintenance Marketing – Episode 59

March 12, 2015

Today we are going to talk about being purposeful about asking for referrals in a couple of different ways.

Your customers really like hearing from you. Anyway you can keep in contact with them in a non-threatening way with you correspondence is welcome.

So what is threatening correspondence? Any correspondence that ALWAYS is asking them to buy. That is why the way we do maintenance marketing is non-threatening. We are giving them great information and not always asking them to buy.

Below we have a link to letter that we send out. As you will see, we are including them in our referral rewards program where we thank them for doing business with us and ask them to help us spread the word about our company and in the process we make them members of our team.

We are keeping it classy and friendly by including them in our marketing and also offering them the same discount we are offering to their friends and family.

NEWS FLASH… no customer likes to see discounts given to their friends and family or attracting new customers without being included. It’s just plain rude on the business owners part.

Another great way to implement an active campaign for referrals is to implement it into your newsletter. You can do this by adding a separate page to the regular newsletter. It comes off as non-threatening because it is an extra page, it’s one of those weird things it’s perceived as an addition to the newsletter and not actually part of the newsletter.

Also you can adapt the whole thing to your social media. Actually post a thank you to your customers offering them to take part in a new program with a link to a landing page that captures their email and has the same sales copy as the letter and post card.

Finally, use your imagination! Take post cards with you and at the end of the job ask Mrs. Jones if she would like an opportunity to receive $75.00. Have her fill out 3 post cards right them and mail them at the post office on your way home.

Really, the opportunities to purposefully get referrals are limitless and really more profitable than the traditional marketing for new business.



Check out this episode!

Check out this episode!


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