Postcard Marketing Pretty or Effective | Episode 104

January 21, 2016

I was contemplating doing a podcast on 2016 marketing goals but I figured that for the most part everyone’s going to do hit or miss on your marketing goals. So if you really want to go look at marketing goals go back to Podcasts Number 7 (Setting Up Your Marketing Goal for 2014) and Number 49 (The One About Setting Up Your Marketing Goals – Our Top 10 Marketing Tactics).

Replay those and they will give you some goals and good things things to really look like setting your budgets and stuff like that. But honestly, most contractors don’t really set goals for their marketing or set a schedule about when to do marketing and why.

If you really want to grow your business, this is one system you want to put into place. Most contractors shoot from the hip. They wake up and look at their business and say, “I don’t have enough business” and then start marketing. Let me tell you form experience, it’s much more nice to have your sales funnel full.

Today I want to talk about good post card marketing and what do you have to do to make them more effective for your business? I’ll go through the process then tell you at the end how to use another media to test your message to see how it works for about $50.00. You will end up with 2 types of usable campaigns from two different media. So listen to the end!

I realize spring is coming and I see on the Facebook groups a lot of contractors are getting ready to try some new marketing techniques to ramp up their business. They are asking questions about which is the best?… flyers, door hangers, Every Door Direct Mail post cards, Facebook ads, even pay per click on Google.

I go through the posts and I see a lot of postcards, EDDM postcards that a lot of the guys are using for their business and they post them on Facebook and ask how this look does or ask for others examples of theirs so they can get some ideas. I’m going to say most of them are pretty but many of you are asking only one question.

You should be asking so much more about the mailers than just if they look nice. Questions like:

  • How many did you send out?
  • Of that how many proposals did you get?
  • Then how many jobs did you get?
  • What was your average sale in dollars?
  • What type of demographics did you send to?

Marketing is hard work. Most business owners send out flyers as post cards. Actually they send out flyers for everything. Why? Because most don’t know that marketing is a science.

So what basically happens is the contractor gets upset when they don’t get the results they really wanted or expected. When this happens (that you don’t get results) 2 things happen in your mind:

1. Postcard marketing doesn’t work (let me tell you a little secret, everything works with the right message!)

2. Next time I’ll send out more! Instead of 1000, I’ll send out 2,000 to different areas based on the fact that I got 10 calls and 3 jobs. So if you sent out 1,000 and got 3 jobs each jobs and it only cost you $116.00, that could be good. But it could be bad if you are a transactional contractor. We will talk about transactional later.

I would think that I would rather have my post card marketing be effective than pretty. So if I was sending out a minimum (500) that’s what, less than 175 bucks.

By the end of this session I’ll tell you how to Create A Marketing Piece and test it so that you know relatively fast whether it is a winner or loser.

So here is what I’m going to do, offer something that I’ve never offered before. I’m going to work with just the first five people who respond to this.

Send me or email me a copy of your post card, front and back to and I’ll critique it for free and I’ll help you make it better so hopefully you will get better results, because it’s all about results.

There’s a caveat… those five people that send their postcards, I’ll help you make them better but I’m also going to post them on the web site to help others see what we did.

So let’s design a post card!

Your Offer

What’s your offer? What is going to be the bait to get them to call you? I’m going to tell you what you are not going to use as bait is a discount! Why? Because if you do you are attracting customers who are only looking for a discounted service. If this is your tactic, then you have no right complaining about people who shop on discounts or price. Why? Because you are attracting them… this makes sense because you fishing with “bargain bait”.

A free report it could be emailed, mailed, or a recorded message. Why do you want to do this? Because you should want more than the small amount of people who want your services now. You want to be able to put people in your funnel, to keep them as warm prospects so that when they are ready, you are at the front of their mind. If you are going to spend money to attract customers, make sure you squeeze it for all you can get out of it, not just for the present transaction.

So what could the free report be?

  • 10 Question You Should Ask Any Contractor Before You Let Them On Your Property
  • The Five Misconceptions of Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing
  • 7 Things Your Plumbing Contractor Hopes You Never Find Out

I find reports and recorded messages to be the best bait.

Think about what would motivate your customer to use your services?

Make sure to state the benefits like “Enjoy a day at the beach while we make your windows sparkle.”

Or “Is your home dirty? Your roof and dirty windows are an embarrassment to the community (a clean roof adds value to your home)”

Or for commercial, “Pressure cleaning also removes the liability risk of slipping and falling on Algae infested sidewalks.”

So benefits are a must… people buy benefits. Like on a cold winter day, your seats on this new Ford Explorer make you forget how cold things are outside quickly!

If you want to run some specials do not discount, you might want to include a freemium. A freemium is a bonus or a prize for doing business, something of high perceived value. This could be a free cleaning of a drive way with roof cleaning, a $159.00 value till March 29th. It could even be a free pizza for having us come out and give you a proposal.

  • There has to be an expiration date.
  • Have to have a great head line and a call to action.
  • How do they get a hold of you?

And another important thing on your material… only market one, yes one, service!

You don’t have to worry about all your other services, they will always ask you what else you do!

Your logo very small and obscure, remember people only care what you can do for them, not who you are. And you must know the area you are marketing to, you must know your target and market only to those people.

Now, how to test your marketing piece… testing it very inexpensively to see if it is going to pull in new customers or clients.

Run a Facebook ad to test your marketing piece and see if it pulls and if not, change the ad. If it works after your changes print up your postcard and send it out to your target market.

The nice thing about Facebook is that you can pick your target, zip code, gender, income, house price, etc.

Really, Facebook is the place to try your post card marketing ad before you spend a fortune on a whole postcard marketing campaign.

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