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This one is about the types of bad contractor marketing pieces what to look for and what not to do. We are going to talk about bad marketing and what a bad marketing piece really looks like.

Bad contractor marketing makes no real compelling offer to the consumer. We talk about the proper and improper place to put your to put your information, your logo.

Why cluttered ads get glossed over by the consumer. And why cluttered ads don’t bring you the return you would like.

Why in your marketing dollar amounts in savings are more effective than percentages.

We discuss why some discounts actually can scare the potential customer away. Why some postcards pull better than others even with the same content on them.

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Contractor Secret Weapon first podcast

Have you really thought about your contractor marketing? Join us today as we look at the 3 categories of contractor marketing, the good, the bad and the boring!

We are going to start with the boring side of the marketing which most contractors gravitate to.

We will give you enough information to know what boring marketing is and show you how to stay away from it! We also help you discover how to move your marketing in the right direction so you can get an actual return on your marketing investment and not feel like you are throwing money into a black hole, knowing you need to market but not knowing if it is actually working.

Examples of BORING marketing download

If you are like most of us, hearing the title, Social Media Marketing for Contractors probably made you cringe. We are all so sick of hearing about social media and how it can help grow your contracting business…but can it really?

Well, I can’t think of a better industry for social media than contracting. EVERYTHING we do is a physical event…putting in cabinets, fixing toilets, painting…all are prime candidates for being interesting on social!

What Is Social Media

Now please don’t skip this part, it is not some lame, social media description but actual information that you need to be able to succeed in your marketing efforts!

Social media is a way for people to connect, gain social popularity and figure out if they are normal or not. If someone is cruising down their Facebook timeline and sees a post they approve of and it has hundreds of likes, they will probably be comfortable liking it too. If they see a great picture on Pinterest see that is has a lot of repins, they know that they are on the right track.

Now, don’t get us wrong, the goal of social media is NOT to just collect likes and shares, it is to SELL SOMETHING…mostly your services, possibly some products. What you need to do with social media is find out what YOU are good at, could be writing, might be taking movies of yourself or maybe even just snapping a photo or two with your smart phone. Then you need to take those mad skills you have and start sharing your business with the world.

Based on what you like to do, here are our top sites for using social media:

Writing…if you like to write, you must get a blog! Having a place to express your thoughts and words PLUS a place to drive all your social media traffic to is mandatory for our writers. A good rule of thumb for blogging is one good keyword targeted post a week. Writers can also succeed on Google Plus which does not penalize long form content as much as Facebook does and could list your post in the actual Google search engine if you get your keywords right!

Videos…all social media will be going to videos and pictures within the next few years. Learning how to make a video with your smart phone is a GREAT idea. You can even upload directly from your phone to YouTube (the only video site we recommend you use!) Learning to use your video camera is not hard and will make a HUGE difference in your social success.

Pictures…no beating around the bush here, pictures are the MOST popular things that people post on social media. If you become even a little proficient at taking nice pictures of what you are working on, you will have A LOT of content to use and share on social.

Well hopefully that helps give you a good overview of social media marketing for contractors. We will be drilling down on all the bits during our podcasts, make sure you get signed up to get them all!

With all the new changes coming in from Google, Contractor SEO (search engine optimization) is even more important than ever when naming your products and services (we know most of you already have a great company name and we are not going to ask you to change it!)

What new changes from Google you ask? Google is no longer providing access in their analytics to see what keywords people have used to search for your website. This is devastating to those of us who care about these things, but we really believe it will open up a door for smaller companies to compete on an even footing when the big guys can’t use this data to manipulate search results.

So what does this have to do with naming your products or services? We see A LOT of contractors who have gotten a hold of a branding or marketing book that says to “BE MEMORABLE”, suggesting that they name their pressure washing services something cute like “Joes with a hose”…now don’t get us wrong, we think that is catchy too, BUT it will not be found on Google for what Joe is actually selling, “pressure washing in Spokane Washington” or something like that.

With today’s connected online world, this is even more important than ever! You will have many opportunities to list your products and services, each which comes with a chance that someone will do a search, find you and call for a quote….here are just a few of the places that you can list your services:

  • On your website
  • Any associations that you belong to (fill out the whole profile, this is a GREAT source of referrals)
  • LinkedIn profile page
  • LinkedIn company page
  • Facebook business page (the profile data is hidden in FB and Google can’t see it)
  • Google+ profile description
  • Google+ company description
  • Pinterest board descriptions
  • YouTube video titles

Now, there are about a gagillion more, but I think you are starting to get an idea…name your products and services something that you would actually like to get found for!