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Charlyn Shelton Social Media Interpreter.

· Starting with Linked in for marketing
· Making it easier to understand
· Connecting the dots to profitability
· Social Media the marketing for the 21st century
· Using social media correctly is like having a million dollar piece of real estate and cashing in on social currency.
· What is social currency?   Future money in the bank ,how to collect real dollars.
· Social media marketing is measures in ROR (return on relationship)
· All about referrals and testimonies.
· Social media marketing is now  overshadowing TV advertising
· Start with Linked in but have a presence in allsocial media.

When is the best time to raise prices for contractors?

  • Is there is right time?
  • Would anyone notice if you raised your prices 10% across the board?
  • Why do you want to raise prices?
  • What’s more important customer perception or family?
  • Are you true to the number 1 reason you went into business to make a profit?
  • Do you sell according to the way you buy?
  • Commodity contracting businesses attract price buyers.
  • Find out there is margin in mystery.
  • Disney is best example for price increases

This one is about a successful Painting Contractor

who found that niche sweet spot in their marketplace  where they could implement the successful systems that   

 loaded with  nuggets of tremendous information that  could help you in your business.

What does it take to be a leader?

How do you keep our customers happy?

Really defining our target market.

  • Why to use guarantees?
  • What are their purposes?
  • Great sales tool!
  • It limits the customers RISK!
  • Don’t be afraid to use them they work.
  • Use it to stand out in the crowd.
  • What about a personal guarantee?
  • Question of the week: How can your guarantee make your business stand out in the crowd give you an edge over the competition?

Free download Personal Guarantee

Would ya,should ya,could ya WOW your customer!!! #13

Do What Others Wont’ even think of.

Answer to last weeks question

IF you couldn’t directly market to aquire new customers
how would your business fare?

  • WOWing your customer
  • Some different ideas how to .
  • What you could do to stand out.
  • Ya mean be different
  • It’s the little things that speak REFERRALS
  • Some big NO-NO’S
  • what is going to set you apart that will get you FREE future business.

# 12 How to make you customer feel important-Contractor marketing

  • Are you making you customers feeling important?
  • Who’ the boss? Think again.
  • How many ways can you do it? Make them feel important.
  • What is eyejot and how can it make them feel important.
  • Be creative send them weird stuff.
  • How about thanking them on social media
  • Social media has a multipurpose effect.

Question of the week: If you could not actively or directly

go after new business how would our business fare?

That’s after you panic.

#10 How your Target Market can save you time and

create more profit for your company.

  • Answers for last week’s question
  • Will defining your target really save you time?
  • Can it really make you more profitable?
  • Can you train your customers properly?
  • How far do you travel before you’re paying the customer?
  • What about the 80/20 rule.
  • It’s about profit not revenue.

Contractor marketing has to incorporate great ways to get more referrals.Contracting businesses survive by referrals. Facebook is a great way to get them.

Facebook is not just a social place to interact with friends, it’s also a great referral system. Just go look through what friends and family are posting on your personal Facebook news feed. They are looking for places to go, people to see, doctors, services and yes, contractors. Or, they are talking about places they’ve gone and the service they got. That’s how you get great referrals on Facebook. The key is offering your best always then let the clients gush.

Here’s basically how great Facebook referrals happen. The Smiths need work done on their house. They post on Facebook asking their friends if they know anyone good and reliable. One of the Smith’s Facebook friends is a past client and posts a link to your Facebook business page and tells them that you did the best work, were reliable, and they got amazing results. The Smiths get your contact information or message you on Facebook and you get the job. Pretty easy, huh?

Here’s how the old way to get referrals work. The Smith’s need work done on their house. They ask people face to face if they know anyone. Your former client is just a friend they met online, so they never know and you don’t get a referral. Not so great.

Facebook widens the referral circle. Your Facebook business page should include links to your website, and also to great reviews on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. Have happy clients post comments on your timeline too. You can really use other features of Facebook as well. When people “like” your page it does a few things. First, it gives you a way to keep them in mind when referral situations come up. When you post something on your business timeline, people who “like” your page see it. Also, when they initially “like” your page, all of their friends see it. So, your name then gets in front of all of their friends. Could be 5, could be 500.

Typical marketing methods, like business cards, get lost. Using Facebook keeps that from happening.