Philanthropy, Social Media and SEO to Grow your Business with Kellen Kautzman episode 136

August 25, 2016

Today we are interviewing Kellen Kautzman about using Philanthropy, Social Media and SEO to Grow your Business. | Episode 136

This is actually Kellen’s 2nd appearance on our show, but your 1st introduction to him because the last session didn’t record.  Nothing is ever perfect, he was gracious enough to come back because of the importance of the topic.

Using philanthropy, social media and SEO to grow your business.

Kellen Kautzman came across SEO first as a blogger. His goal was to get one million views through writing articles on various platforms on the web. Last year he reached that goal, he was and is now a full-time SEO professional.

He is the owner of an Internet marketing company.

Send it Rising is committed to high-level, measurable and honest SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Pay Per Click and WordPress Web Development. We believe that clients deserve a strong return on investment and we honestly assess each potential client’s internet profile to determine which steps will lead to the highest chance of positive ROI at the most affordable pricing available as possible.

So according to Kellen, Pinterest is probably the most amazing thing for creating links because if you create a blog post with eight images on that blog post, let’s say with quotes on them, and all of those get a shared on Pinterest, but hear how the game is evolving. Pinterest has thousands of boards maybe to your specific niche that you can get invited to them so instead of making multiple blogpost so you can get it shared now you post to the other board that is how it grows it becomes about the application of multiplication for your content.

The same applies to Google Plus, there are groups with of thousands of people that you can post to for free.

Now let’s jump over to philanthropy and using it as a marketing tool for growing. your business. If you are a giver, this concept is easy for you to grasp a hold of.

There are many businesses that give to the community or donate to charitable causes in a silent way which is great, nothing wrong with it. But if you’re doing it as a business, it’s OK to use your business as a focal point for charitable giving.

And there is nothing wrong with it matter fact. If you just want to do good, that it does not only for you. But for your employees it is invaluable considering the community it builds, having a great culture within your company and within the community… so use it appropriately.

I know of many businesses that have grown because of their involvement in the community because they are givers. If that resonates with you and you are a giver then contact Kellen at to see  how he can help you integrate that into your marketing.

If you are not giver then this is foreign to you, just think about the possibilities.

Contact Kellen Kautzman at:

call him at 702.263.1041

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