Personal Branding for Profits with the LinkedIn Guy Gregg Burkhalter 186

August 10, 2017

Want more profits? Want to build better relationships and build a better brand?

Relationships first, Gregg Burkhalter says, because its all about relationships that grow your business.

Gregg and I had a great time this week talking about talking about building a better brand doing everything through LinkedIn.

We got caught up on some old times (he was one of our early podcast interviews …  I think it was number 78 so that 108 episodes ago!

We had a lot to get caught up on, some new and exciting things that are going on with in LinkedIn since they were bought out by Microsoft.

With the new things being added, LinkedIn is becoming a bigger player in this social media market place It’s the media marketplace that business owners want to be in.

The average income for a LinkedIn profile or is above $75,000. This could be  great for customer relationships and could be better for business to business relationships.

There has been more going on in the last three months with LinkedIn than probably in the last 2 years.

Greg explained some of the really neat things that are going on…

You’ll be able to upload your own video instead of pulling it from YouTube and it will be more interactive.

One of  ah ha moments for me  during this interview was  if you make a post and someone likes it it goes to that person’s own group or their connections, they’re connected with and so on so we could literally go to thousands of people with just a like and a comment.

You can build a personal brand, something that people can follow so they know who you are, especially if  they are thinking about doing business with you . Most of the  time these people are going to look at your profile to see who you are what you post,what you say you can do  and so much more.

To build a brand you need to be consistent in what your website says and what people are talking about you and search, things like that.

So Gregg Burkhalter is all about building relationships and building a brand.

And through building relationships and he does it in such a way that he can work…

  • One on one
  • He can do an event near wherever you are.
  • And maybe even a webinar

I’m sure that if you contact him he would be more than happy to accommodate you in any to help you build your brand.

Like he said on the podcasts, there is a buffet of LinkedIn learning and we can make that I will call if you need to so contact Greg today!

He’s a great guy is full of enthusiasm, he can help you build a better personal brand than what you have now and help to help you connect better with other professionals who you want to reach out to.

So connect with Gregg Burkhalter

(770) 313-2385

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