Part 2 My Top Answers To Common Marketing Questions I Always Get Asked Episode 96

November 26, 2015

Part 2 – This week I am going to answer some more of the most often asked questions that I get about contractor marketing. I have gotten these questions from my contact us form on the site, and in-person, speaking events and even just day-to-day as I talk with my contractor friends.

A brief overview of last week’s common marketing questions

  • How you can get more clients…and not just more…but higher paying clients!
  • How you can make (a lot) more money…so you have a bigger cash flow…and more profits and cash in the bank!
  • How you can easily charge higher prices to increase revenues instantly without losing business… and still compete in the marketplace against “low priced” companies!
  • How you can get more referrals and more repeat business without spending a fortune on advertising.
  • How you can create a steady stream of jobs…without wasting money on ads that don’t work…

This week I wanted to answer a few more commonly asked questions:

How you can break the cycle of the “of the ups and down cycles ” schedule and keep yourself booked solid all year long!

  • You have to stop the fear cycle that runs and quit marketing just for the transaction (because you need money) . That means stop the flyers and discount advertising to get business. The customer can smell the neediness in your demeanor. Always appear to be busy. Tell them you are booked 2 weeks out and let them know that if someone cancels you will move them up to the top of the list, in 3 days call them.

Make an appointment with yourself each week to work on your business not in your business. Just like any appointment you must keep this the make your businesses grow.

How you can build your business for longevity and value in and to my business.

  • You need a data base for your customers so you can communicate with them on a regular basis. The more you communicate with them the more you keep them as customers.
  • You want to build a continuity program a program that they will pay you a monthly fee for the services you provide .

How you can compete with so many other companies and become immune to the competition once and for all!

  • When people talk about their competition, they are usually referring to how do I compete with them on price. STOP going there. You need to worry about competing with yourself and what you do best. Your best marketing, you best work ethic, your best customer experience, your best customer service.
  • It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business especially if you are new to the market place it’s your best. So charge accordingly

How you can turn your website into a cash producing “machine” without breaking the bank on high priced SEO!

  • I’m not a SEO  guy, but there are things that make your website more compelling to your future customer. Benefits that will draw your custom to wanting more information, a lead generation page, maybe a free recorded message or a free report they can access for their information so you can put them in your funnel.

You want a way to interact with your customer I would recommend and get them to give you a review on google that right now is the most inexpensive way show up on top.

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