There Is No Special Contractor Marketing | Guest Post Tara Jacobsen

January 17, 2015

Today’s post is a guest post from Tara Jacobsen, who was our 5th Episode guest. Tara works with small business owners in the entrepreneur, real estate and author marketing niches.

When you are in a specific industry it can seem like there are certain things that only work for your business. For example, many of the Realtors that I work with think there are special realtor marketing tactics and strategies. Sigh. There are no special realtor marketing strategies any more than there are special contractor marketing strategies.

What Makes Contractor Marketing “Special”

That said, not every marketing tactic or strategy will work for every business and there are some “contractor marketing” things that you should be aware of when buying advertising or developing a marketing plan.

Geographically Desirable Marketing

If you have listened to many episodes of the Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast you KNOW that Dave and Justin are fans of having a tight circle of areas where you will work. Say you are a Denver electrician and get a lead for Boulder (about 45 miles away), it truly doesn’t pay to lose 90 minutes traveling both ways. Makes sense right?

So when you are marketing you should be VERY specific about the areas that you target. If you are buying radio marketing that covers all of your metro area and then some, the leads you get will not be specific enough to be be effective.

In this case you would want to consider doing direct mail (Every Door Direct), building a properly SEO’d website that targets your keywords or even doing paid Google Adwords targeting only certain zip codes.

Who Are Your Customers and What Do They Like?

With the advent of social media and a LOT more data about people’s likes, it is possible to finely target potential customers and sales leads using their likes.

For example, if you are selling handyman services in San Francisco you know that there are a certain group of people who like or own the “Painted Ladies” houses that require A LOT maintenance. When targeting these people with Facebook marketing you will want to consider things beyond just their city or zip codes. Things like:

  • Men who have watched Bob Villa and have screwed up their remodeling efforts and need help from a handyman now
  • Anyone who loves watching This Old House and lives in the right zip codes
  • Single women who live in the right geographic area and who might need handyman services

All of these people are super easy to target using Facebook marketing.

Who Are Not Your Customers?

Last but least, when marketing knowing who is not your customer is just as important as targeting who is. If you are selling roof pressure washing in Clearwater FL, you need to totally eliminate any apartment complexes as they are generally managed and their residents would not be purchasing those services.

Selling basement sealing in Florida? It would be well worth your time to find out through tax records the very limited number of houses that actually have basements (most homes are built on concrete slabs). That said, because there are not many of them you can afford to market to them frequently and you will probably have a lesser amount of competition than you would if you selling those same services in Cleveland OH where almost everyone has a basement.

Because contractor marketing is a seriously local play, it is worth the time to find out all the different things you can do to hyper-target your local area before you waste a ton of money on things that won’t work!


tara-jacobsen-avatar-glassesThere Is No Special Contractor Marketing | Guest Post Tara Jacobsen


Tara Jacobsen is a sales and marketing speaker, author and coach that you will not forget. She brings with her a true, hands on sales, goal setting and marketing strategy focus, and yet energizes her audience with full on content and interactive participation. Find out more at her website

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