No Cost Construction Leads with Jonah Canter 265

January 19, 2018

We wanted to talk about how you could get NO cost Construction leads and we will go into that kind of heavily, today. The best way to go about getting them and how to have others help you get those leads. At absolutely no cost. So listen up and take notes.

Jonah Canter from Canter construction and Charelston, South Carolina. Really fun time. Last time we had him on the show and if you don’t know who he is, he’s a contractor in Charelston, South Carolina. He’s been in the construction business and he’s actually started at an early age and running other companies and moved up and actually ended up starting his own construction business and took all the stuff he learned in running other companies at such a young age and put him into his construction company. But, mostly, honestly, it’s in the service area of it. I mean, he does a great job in what he does but he gets called back and back and back because of his relationships that he built with his clients and his customers. So, I want to bring him back because we wanted to talk about how you could get new cost Construction leads and we will go into that kind of heavily, today. And, you know, we just had such a great response that I want to bring Jonah. So here’s Jonah.

Jonah, I’m glad that you could come back today. Because the last time, we get such a great response to what you talk about and I know you’ve got some really awesome stuff about marketing that you want to talk to today.

Yeah, Dave I appreciate you having me back. It was, it was fun doing the last one. I got a lot of responses from some of the viewers which was really helpful and made me feel good that people are actually taking some of what we’re talking about and actually putting it to good use. And that was great.

So, yeah, I appreciate you have me back. One of the things I thought that would be helpful for the listeners today is if we can talk a little bit about how contractors can get leads or without spending money. I consider them “The no-cost construction lead process”.

And I’ll dive right in. So, when I was first getting my business going, I didn’t have a clue. Like, how I was going to get literally the first phone call. And, I had got friends and family to have us do some small stuff but that’s not sustainable. So, I was sitting on my couch one night and I ended up e-mailing a real estate friend of mine and I said “Hey do you have a contractor you use for, you know, fence’s decks or whatever?” and he responded back hey actually I need somebody to take care of a bunch of like loose end kind of stuff.

But yeah, we will. And I thought about it I was like wow. If he needs that kind of stuff, I bet you there’s other realtors. So, I went on this journey and the Charleston area and finding how many realtor groups and you know people there were out there and I found out, which I know now and everybody knows, that there’s a lot of realtors and whatever geography that you are and thousands of them. They’re like fan staying on the beach kind of thing. So, what I realized there is I sad “man, this is kind of a potentially untapped market of people” who, on a regular basis, are dealing in real estate transactions–buying and selling– that may mean some type of construction service. So, I went and I bought a six pack of beer and I got on my laptop and I started to go feverishly buy each reality and started copying pasting into a spreadsheet by the realty the person’s name, their email. And this is a bunch, again sweat equity and viscid Alge it’s mindless stuff. I’ve probably paid somebody to do it.

Sure. But to me, it’s like I don’t want to spend money on stuff like that. So, I ended up doing it myself. And, at the end of it, I ended up getting about 300 e-mails. And each company is a little different. For the most part, most really companies have their e-mails publicly available. You can click on the personal space there because they want to have their e-mail. In other cases, if you’re smart and you want to get crafty, sometimes the realty company will hide or have like, almost like a contact wall and front before you can get to the reeler. It’s a dumb idea. In my opinion, it’s a terrible way of aggravating people but they do it sometimes.

Well, me being the never satisfied Jonah, I didn’t like that. I thought there was a whole reality of people that I couldn’t get their e-mail address for. So, what I ended up doing was I tried to find out like how exactly do you get a particular, you know, email and what I found was I ended up finding a press release that ended up coming from somebody within the company. And I realized that it said jane dot go at such and such reality. And I went “Oh, well that’s the naming convention for their e-mails”.

I already have all the names of the people, I bet you are pretty close to figuring out John Maybank is John Bébé at name realty. So, for those that were a little tricky and I didn’t get the e-mails, just using common sense I kind of put that together and I harvested those as well. Now I’ve got you know some middle names that, you know, that I didn’t put in writing or whatever they got a kickback but in general I was able to harvest a lot of those e-mails that you know for the average person would be hidden behind that and were valid e-mails. But to get to the core numbers, I ended up about I think it was around 300 e-mails. And what I ended up doing was I did not do this kind of mail chimp or whatever process. There are a thousand different reasons but one of the biggest and most important ones is that a lot of these Web sites are red flags from e-mail accounts already.

They know where they’re coming from and they say that’s junk so we’ll put it there. And those companies are always paying a lot of money to try to get that red flag lifted.

So, I said I don’t want that to happen. So, what I did was I focused on the individual realtors’ realty companies and what I did was I literally opened 15 different Gmail email windows and I would copy and paste.

And so, what I would do is I would have the same subject line and then the message would be the same I would say hey buddy with Jonah Canter. I’m currently working with Ryan X over here at Carolina One. Doing some projects. I’d love to be the person that can help you with your inspection reports. Your seal 100 sign-offs or any kind of general construction that you need. Feel free to contact us whatever. And I would copy and paste that message into every single one of those messages. Go back to my spreadsheet. Pop in all the e-mails for a lot of listeners. They’re like “Holy cow! that’s a lot of work for it”. Well, the whole reason I was spending a lot of that work is: I wanted that to get to that person. I’ve wanted to go around the junk mail thing.

So, that’s the best way at the time that I knew how to do it. So, after a lot of time and sending those e-mails, I mean a lot of time as in like, I think it took me about three solid hours to do it properly and methodically and make sure it was nice. And I curtailed it to each reality, right? So, I made sure it’s like “I work with your friend. So, and so at Carolina one” or “I’ve done business dealings with your colleagues in your office”. It’s such a familiar tone. E-mail? –more likely to open. So, out of the 300, I had about 32 people actually reply.

It was. Just having people reply, at 32 people was amazing and then when you get into the fact that out of those 32 people I ended up picking up 15 realtors who wanted me to start looking at jobs for. And right away.

So, for four years.

Jeez! That’s Sweet!

So, yes they are people out there. If you don’t know marketing and everything it seems like an immensely small number. But as far as industry standards go for marketing and marketing campaigns that’s a seriously successful situation to find yourself and with your leads, right?

And so, break it down. I mean think about that. I know you probably will but when you break it down per hour the time you spent generating that lead and the dollar. It’s a high percentage rate. Not only is it just a high percentage rate, but man, that’s a high dollar amount rate for the amount of work you got.


You know one of the things is that the immediate impact of this was really apparent to me to me until I realized how my network had expanded. So, agents who were on the buying side and had no knowledge of my company. We’re now hearing that my company was doing the repairs right. So, I not only gained the selling agent but also the work of the buying agent. Right. And in the middle of all that were the customers both buying or selling who potentially would provide me with more work.

And it was a wonderful situation to find me in because in a lot of cases, the clients buying the house, had ideas for what they wanted to add or update after the closing. And, I was the first person they came to their mind because I did the repairs on the– on the real estate repair side.

So, yeah. Okay, let me stop because I just don’t think that everyone is comprehending and if you are, I just want to make this another Aha! moment by sending out those e-mails that actually put you in front of four potential customers.

It does. Well, it’s actually six potential customers. Well, it is a bigger deal with real estate teams. You’re correct.

Two– two bookends of your agents and (then the buyer and seller) buyer and the seller. And then, if you have couples, I mean the numbers, you get the point– it’s a lot of people– it’s a lot! Yeah. It’s– it’s not one. (It’s multiples.)

Yeah. And so, with the example of the 15 realtors. Let’s just say give me one job each. That’s forty-five new jobs, right? I can tell you that if you impress a realtor, they will always use you for their own clients. And, they will absolutely refer you to future clients. Or, thirdly, they’ll refer you internally to the network of agents because they’re always having this problem.

So, the benefits of Hardisty real estate leads are honestly exponential. Now, I will say to people this process does lend itself specifically to general contractors. And, the reason behind this is because general contractors are capable of doing a wide range of trade work for customers–, especially contractors. They may find results that vary from what I’ve mentioned, so mostly because they are limited in the amount of work they can do. So, a contractor can pull permits and this and that. So, just know that when you’re going into this, if you’re a specialty guy who just does drywall, well I’m sure you can get drywall work. But a general contractor, who comes to that same realtor and says I can do it all, is going to trump you every time because realtors do not like having 15 different subs on an inspection report. They want one time, get it done, get it out.

Well, at least that they have to have that license– that licensed contractor just to show for the receipts and stuff.

That’s correct. In fact, it says on inspection reports at least it’s here in South Carolina and other places. I’m sure there’s reciprocity in the thought process. But the idea, as it says–, MUST BE INSPECTED. Or not say it’s a must. It says “have a licensed contractor review the work” or whatever

And that’s another kind of side business if you will– with potential with real estate agents is. In South Carolina– in Charleston specifically, we have a report. It’s called SEAL 100. And this report is independent of a regular inspection report. So a regular inspection report tells you about door latches, sinkers are not working in the light bulb and all that kind of stuff.

The seal 100 is specific to structural and relates to termite damage, water damage, mold build, do that kind of stuff. Well, everybody, in fact, that the mortgage companies require SEAL 100 to close on houses and Charleston. So, this report, and we’re in the low country, right? It’s called the Low Country for a reason, it’s like that. So, a lot of times, we see stuff like surface mold or we’ll find serious issues like the seals under the house or Roded or there are other things.

Well, you cannot close on a house without that seal 100 being cleared by a licensed contractor. That means that Joe Schmooze out there, who don’t have a contractor’s license, cannot clear that. It will not go through. You have to have your license. There’s a separate one sheet you have. But, what’s beautiful about it, is outside of the inspection reports, you have another potential avenue of doing work and– a lot of cases, I’m extremely fair to my customers.

I never want to screw somebody over because I think karma will come back and bite you. So, a lot of contractors will be like “haha they got popped for mold mildew”. They’re already scared. I’m going to tell them it’s a thousand dollars and try to squeeze–NO! Because a lot of times you can remediate it very simply, quickly. Or the things that are noted on the SEAL 100 they’ll say things like past boreholes in the silt. Well, we look at it, it’s structurally sound. Well, guess what? We’re not going to charge you five thousand dollars to do that. But we will– we charge every time for a SEAL 100 sign off the letter, we charge 150 dollars to the customer.

So whether we do the work or we just go out there look at it and sign off, we have another potential money out of there.

That’s just another way to get some money to pay for the investment.

Yeah. It really is. It is a sweet way of getting us to– with our time, effort to go out there and then put our contractor license on it.

It’s worth the time. We don’t really make money. But again, back to the point, and I think the other podcast that I mentioned is, you know, you’re going to wow people if they get doom and gloom from a report and you go look it’s not as bad. We’re not– you don’t have to do all this. It’s just a simple sign if you can see the stress come off that was sold again.

Building trust this got to be straight. Yeah, you charge three hundred and fifty dollars, but I get it. Source less time effort and all that. So you know, it is a nice way of getting that.

So, one thing I want to caution people, the contractors and people that are listening right now, is to you know do not be duped by real estate agents and are real estate agents nefarious?– No they’re not. Are there a lot of bad ones? — Absolutely. And there’s a lot of lazy ones and there’s a lot of young ones. There’s a lot of part time ones there’s a lot of people that aren’t good.

So, when you’re going through this, you’ve got to separate the wheat from the chaff and you’ve got to find the real estate agents that have, you have their best interest in mind and their client’s best interests in mind. But they reciprocate that back to you.

If a real estate agent is always throwing you under the bus or last minute or whatever, I don’t want to work with you-you’re a problem. And that’s what a successful company gets to pick and choose who they work for. So, maybe not initially but that was a growing pain with some of these I jokingly told people: you’re fired. Like the Trump I’m like “no I’m done”. I can’t deal with you. You’re too hard to work with and I don’t like the way you do business so I don’t have to work with you. So I now have, to this current day, I have about out of that number of 15.

Like an accordion way out. And then I bought it until about 10 that I work with on a regular basis. And four that I do work with every month. You know that you’re just weird.

I mean, well I know I know that it can be and its but it’s like any, you know, you’ve got– you’ve got a niche and you got to find the ones that are– that are worth it to you. That you can build a relationship with, that you trust them, they trust you and it’s you. Because good real estate agents are looking for team members. To help make their life easier, to make their business successful. And then you’ve got other real estate agents are just looking for people to get for thirty-five dollars an hour to get in and get it down. It doesn’t matter what it looks like or to just say that it’s fixed and knows enough people you want to do business with.

Yeah, it’s absolutely true. And one thing that another– I don’t call it a cautionary tale, but something that you should know and this specific– specific vein of leads that you get is, I do not charge when somebody comes to me and they’re a homeowner they call and say “Hey Jonah I want you to give me a price on redoing my kitchen when I come out”. I do not charge them any fee for estimates. I think it’s a joke for a homeowner to get a fee for an estimate.

That’s what we’re here to do it’s a cost of doing business right. However, there is a very deep caveat when it comes to buying and selling the property. And I learned this the hard way and I’m a pretty quick learner and I cut it off really fast. But I was going out for a couple of these bad realtors and they said “Oh can you tell us how this is the inspection report. We’d like to have X Y and Z X can you give us a price?” And I’d have to go out, look at it, take my time, give it to them, crickets, crickets, and then I’d say “Hey just tell him what happened”, “Oh we just we negotiated that off of the sales price”. “Oh, OK I’m sorry I spent my day took my time out of my job to come help you negotiate”. So, in real estate transactions, for those listening, do not be afraid to charge an estimating fee.

I say: hey look if you want me to come out here you don’t own the house. You’re looking to buy it. I’m going to charge you and I can– this price at where I sit now, I can charge. You may want to charge less and I’m totally fine but I charge people 200 dollars. Because I know if you’re serious or not. Right? Right. So, I say: hey I charge 200 dollars. I will come out. I will give you a static binding estimate on whatever you want. I’ll shake hands with you know, whatever. But you’ll get it for me a binding estimate. But you’re going to give me 200 dollars when you meet with me and I’m going to turn that estimate over to you. Now, at the end of the day, you can use that however you want. You can choose to negotiate the price, you can say oh I spent 200 dollars to learn something I don’t care. Or, if you say Jonah we want you to fix this work.

I’ll knock the 200 dollars off of the price and I’ll do the work for you. Right. And that’s a way of keeping honest people honest. And say: hey look this is my time effort. I’m in Charleston right now. As I stand here now, we are slammed, right? So, I don’t have time for this. This kind of stuff in my business and I’ve grown up to the point where I don’t need to go to things that aren’t going to have results from them and it sounds kind of pompous but I don’t know where I’m at now.

You move from one– one spectrum to another spectrum and along the way you’ve learned the lessons. Like many of us have. That you would do what you can do, what you want to and what you should do and you don’t mind doing stuff like that as long as you’re going to get paid for your time. And you know what, it does. You always have to learn like what you say has reactions, right? You’ve got to look at– empathy is the thing that’s lost in today’s youth because you can sit on a phone and call somebody fat and then you’re like them I feel good about myself. I’m going to go make a sandwich and you don’t know what the other person is like–you know, feeling. But when you have to look at somebody or interact with them and see when you say something like I’m going to charge you two hundred dollars. And the reason I’m doing this is that I wanted to be fair to you and to me.

But I’m going to I’m going to pay it back to you. If you react in a good way you know you’d say yes to the estimate or what I noticed in watching people is they said: OK not a problem or some people would go $200– That’s a joke. There are other people doing it for free and I’d go. You’re right. And you should use them and I’d walk because I don’t want to– if that’s how you’re going to be about this, and not be thinking clearly– you’re not the client for me. You’re going to be a pain in my butt from all from start to finish (because there’s no value in your time). Exactly, exactly. You already treat me a certain way.

So, it’s a great way to just, you know, kill a conversation quickly or to gauge if a person is interested. And I will tell you, I’m not kidding. Eight out of ten times that I charge 200 dollars for an estimate. They got some skin in the game, right? So, they want to they end up coming back.

So, it’s kind of like you know, it’s a little bit of a sticky wicket but it keeps them coming back and saying “well you know we can use our 200 dollars off “. When you’re doing this guys and ladies contractors out there who are listening, just keep in mind to build an extra 200 dollars somewhere in your in your estimate. If you really want to be honest. You can do that. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Which can be– because you did spend your time. Let’s be honest.


You spent your time, your effort to do it. So, I would never tell anybody not to do that. Or you can say, “you know what Jonah, the way I look at this, I’m just going to take it off because of my best estimate. I don’t think anybody would think bad of you on either side of that because this is the business that we’re in. That’s something that’s totally acceptable in my opinion.

Well, yeah and I think that like the other day I’ve, you know, the other day I got a call and everyone said I’ll get a call. And you know, can you come give me an estimate? Sure. Do I have to be there? Yes. Why?

You know I would really like to know what you need to be done. “Well, I want my house painted” And I can go “Is there any repairs?” Well, I don’t know. So, they just really– they want a price they don’t want you, your value or what you can bring to the table. So, I said you know most people, I’m going to I’m going to start saying, you know, mine was going to be 150. We’re going to do, you know, it’s going to cost you 150 dollars for us to come out and do an estimate. We’ll give you a 10 or 15-page report line item everything. But if you’re going to be there, we would be happy to do it for nothing.

Yeah, you’re exactly right. People who do not want to be at a job, now, if they’re in Boston and they’re buying a house down here in Charles, I get it.

Yeah, that’s a different time, I do that a lot of times, too.

Yeah, but if they’re like: No no no just go. Just go figure it out. It’s like no no no that’s not how this works. I want to– I want to look at you, I want to talk to you or Schumann’s. I want to hear what you want. Because guess what? I can give you that estimate and you weren’t here. And then all of a sudden, you’ll come back and go “Oh that’s not what I wanted”. Well, that’s funny because you weren’t here. Yeah.

So. So and you know, one thing I’ve come across when it comes to estimates, and this is getting outside of the no-cost construction process, but I think when you do give these estimates, contractors please be aware of this. The devil is in the details. You cannot be over descriptive in your estimate and a lot of times, it’s going to cover your butt big time. Some contractors think, well some contractors think if they’re vague, they can hide numbers. No no no.

You should never do that. You shouldn’t be line item by line item. Like an inspection report. I’ve written up an estimate that is a 102-line item estimate before. And it killed me to do it. But guess what? The client was able to chew every bit of that off and it said to replace the fan, the customer supplies the fan. There was never a question if they said oh I didn’t know I had to supply the fan that estimates you accepted and said it it’s on paper. It’s cost. Sorry. So yeah.

And then and that’s in reality. I know where you know of the subject, but it goes to the value, is that you’re creating your value by making those line items. Because, you know, just like last time I was in a post the other day so I’m going to do a thing and you know how come. How do you charge– I can’t charge fifty dollars an hour to paint? And I’m like why are you charging by the hour? First of all. I said it’s not in the painting– it’s in the details.

Tell them what you’re going to do? What are you going to print? What are you going to do? Are you going to move? What are you going to clean? What are you going to cover? You know what are you going to– How many coats of paint? What are you going to put back? Are you going to vacuum up after? See, because it’s not about to paint, anybody can paint.

Yeah. It’s about getting through the process from the beginning– of moving the furniture and you make it as labor intensive as possible in your wording. So, they are going to say “Damn! I don’t want to do that. I had a guy come in and do it. ”

Yeah, it’s funny, it’s like you never. One of the best examples of my own business that I had happened one time, and it never happened again was back to the painting thing. You know, I always tell clients to look if you’re going to say money anywhere sure you can pay. Are you going to be good at it? Probably not, but if you’re if you painted it you’re going to be satisfied with your paint job, right? Because you pay somebody.

But the thing that I did, I remember one time the customer came to me and said we were building an affricate. It was like doing some moldings or something and they said: “we’ll paint we’ll paint the molding will do the walls everything.”

I said No problem. Took that paint line item off, got done. Get done with the job I’m coming to get a final payment. And they’re like “Uhh, yes so it says–or not it says– they said there are nail holes and it needs to get caught in all this other stuff and I got out. That’s the painter’s problem. That was my line item said paint included. Call me a hole feel everything. You’re on that. They’re like “No, my dad told me Bubba”. And I don’t care what your dad said. You’re being lazy and trying to save money. I’m not coming back to do that if I’m not going to be painting, right? So that was an example of when, and I still to this day have clients who want to paint them alone, And I’m very specific. I have a thing that says client understands they will call Phil Nail hole blah blah.

So, well I ended up– usually, nobody likes to do that. So, I ended up usually I paint. You know, quote was just for simplicity you know six hundred dollars. I’m

like “oh yeah”. Three hundred of profit. You get that work back and its good money maker. You don’t lose all of them just doing all that. But that’s we’re getting back to the estimates. That saves me a lot of the times. It saves me in being able to go back and reference and say I don’t remember that. Well, that’s fair or you might not have remembered that, but do you remember reading the estimate into my contract? Because that’s gospel. And that’s what we’re going by. And it says. You’re filling the nail holes. And so, you may get somebody wants to debate to the Kalkbrenner tone about that, but they can’t debate what’s on paper what they sign. So, it’s like whatever at the end of the day. So that’s where estimate. It can be helpful in that and in the sense of having it line item down like that. Cooley.

So, let’s go back to let’s go back to the Realtors for a moment.


Now, when you picked out your realtor, because you were just starting out in business you just went and you just picked out the realtors in your area. And the ones that you– that got the just the ones in your area that you felt that it would be out. Because you’re just looking for business. But now, how would you do it?

Yeah, I think when I was first doing it, I didn’t really care. To be honest. I think I looked up realtors and Charleston and I didn’t– I wasn’t looking like reviews, right? Because reviews on a realty agency don’t tell about the individuals that you just said somebody with a good experience. So, you can’t use that.

But, for one thing– I mean different realty companies are predominant in certain areas. Carolina, one is big here. As an example–excuse me– but you may have Century 21 or provincial or somewhere in your area. So just be cognizant when you’re driving around. Who do you see a lot of the signs for? That means they probably have a lot of agents that’s a good place. But, even more, simple than that. I just zoned in through a Google search and started plugging away. I just went to the Web sites and started going into it. If I was doing it nowadays, I would still probably take the same approach because you will find the gems inside of the gems being the real estate agents inside of different agencies.

So, I’ve had bad experiences with agents at one Realty and also great ones at the same ones. Your kind of, you know, weave your path and there’s a lot of good agents at bad Realty. So, don’t forget also to don’t overlook the more boutique firms that aren’t with these national brands. They may be more centralized to local– the local area. Those sometimes are good because they are Neish or a specialty boutique agency that deals sometimes in a lot more high-quality contracts for you. So, you know you may be going from five hundred-thousand-dollar houses to the one point five million dollar range or what not.

So, they’re all valid.

Yeah, I’m looking up for upscale realtors. So, you know, five hundred– I don’t know, what’s your average house is sold for up there. I know you are premising historic places it is kind of pricey.

Well, it’s funny because it does. That’s such a loaded question.

Like everybody else. In what area of town, you live in?

Well, it is. But I mean, Charleston is an expensive town as a whole. We have Kiawah Island but Oprah and a bunch of people live 30 minutes from here. So, there are 22 million-dollar houses there, right? That’s kind of skewed that a little bit. But, we also have a downtown where the houses are in anywhere between 11 to a 15-million-dollar range. But to answer your question, on average, you’re probably looking at 450 to five hundred thousand dollars. About the average sale price for a home here and then as you get to barrier islands or isn’t on the water. And that could skew greatly. But yeah, in general, that’s about the price.

So really, so let’s talk to you guys out there you can niche it to any anywhere you want. You want five hundred thousand, you come from working with five hundred thousand homeowners, come from working with million-dollar homeowners. And those are realtors you want to target.

Yeah. And keep in mind that if you’re looking for inspection reports and little knickknacky stuff to do to start with. But you– that is different– when you deal with a client who owns the one point five-million-dollar house, there is a whole different kind of line of thinking and business that you just can’t, you can’t do it half butt. How about that?

Yeah, if you’re sorted out, don’t go there.

Yeah, don’t go there built into that. And then you know, and then you’ll be successful.

Right. So that’s been cool. It’s really been awesome. Yeah, I know some of the things that we used to do because there’s a painting company we would do a lot. We would do a little bit of repairs that didn’t need permits stuff like that. And what we would do is, when we went back, you know, when the homeowner comes back to do other things like other painting jobs after they bought the house, what we would do if we would just write a note to the realtor. Say “Hey just so you can put it in your file. You know, Bob and Susie just had their house painted and such and such a date so they can put in their files”. So there.

So, because I’m becoming a team member for that realtor. Let them know what’s going on so that when they– if they’re playing their cards right, realtor, and keeping in touch with their clients. They’re going to sell their house again but they’ll have a portfolio. We know you get this done in this town and this done. So, we’re in good shape. We know you don’t have to do that.

Exactly. Exactly.

This has been awesome!

Yeah, appreciate it. Thanks for letting me do round.

No, it’s really cool because it’s nice to talk to somebody who’s in the trenches, has done the things, made the mistakes and bounced back from to actually turn those mistakes into successes. So that’s really what makes us successful. It’s just bouncing back from our mistakes or things– tweaking things as we go along because there’s I mean it’s come on, to say that you can become successful by doing the one thing is a phenomenon. Let’s put it that way.

Yeah, it’s the one thing that I’m most proud about is that when I got into this, I didn’t act like I knew everything. And you know, just like the listeners, you can you can read, you can listen, get advice from other people, ask questions, learn along the way, learn from your mistakes, but continue to evolve. And I promise you if you keep your head down and your nose clean and you do it the right way, you will find success in the end. So, to everybody listening, keep your heads up and keep a positive attitude about it you’ll be successful.

Absolutely. So, Jonah how does–give us your e-mail so if anyone wants to e-mail, ask some questions or connect with you. So, we can do that.

Yeah, fee free for anybody listening. If you want to reach out to me with questions or comments about the show today or anything you can always reach me directly at That’s J O N A H CANTER at Or for more fun side of me, I’m a big Instagrammer. So, you can check me out on my personal account which is @chucktown or you can find me on the Canter construction Instagram. Give me a follow. Give me a like some of the pictures. Feel free to reach out to me any way you want to.

Awesome thanks so much for being with us. It has been a blast.

Thanks, Dave. Until next time.

For inquiries about the CANTER CONSTRUCTION, you can reach them at:

To connect with Jonah Canter




@chucktown (personal account…me being goofy)

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