Monetizing Your Divine Genius with Chris Miles | Episode 190

September 7, 2017

Monetizing Your Divine Genius with Chris Miles | Episode 190

Do you have the passion within your business to set yourself apart? Chris Miles is known as the cash flow expert.

He’s a leading authority on how to quickly create cash flow.

He finds an average of $34,000 extra per year on what contractors already have. Chris consistently teaches his audience how to do what no other financial adviser can or will and that’s achieve financial prosperity while spending time doing what they love the most. Now, not in twenty years or thirty years from now.

Monetize the divine genius and how not to be a commodity.

We all have this unique fingerprint and we live on this planet. You know we all have a unique make up of our passions, skills, education, experiences, strengths, gifts or talents. Things like that that make up who we are and when we truly understand like who we are what we have to offer we can be unbelievably successful.

In your business pricing should not focus on how much time you take. It shouldn’t be a time based type of transaction.

How much value do you really create in a way that people want to exchange money for? If they believe they’re getting a better deal than the money.

You’re not just the painter, you have become an artist to that person or client. It’s really taking your strengths and just magnifying it more and focusing on the overall outcome.

We all have this unique thing that we can bring to the table. When we  figure out what that is and what people really truly value, it makes it so much easier make money or set yourself apart from the competition. In fact when you realize this, there is NO competition.

The only thing that can really set you apart is your passion. The right passion is just so essential and so critical to amplifying and really exponentially increasing your talents. This is what attracts your customers and keeps them.

It’s just a great lesson for everybody… knowing whatever you’re passionate about, you need to bring it out in the forefront of whatever you’re doing. Show this in the way you contact your clients, working with them or your potential clients because that’s going to make a difference really.

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