Marketing to new customers or marketing to existing customers? That is the question.

June 12, 2014

Marketing to new customers or marketing to existing customers? That is the question.

So do I spend money marketing for new customers or do I spend that marketing money on my existing customer base introducing new products. Or just keeping in contact so they don’t forget about me?

Granted new customers are nice and growing your business is good but to grow your business at the cost of driving off or losing the customers who got you to where you are is not good business.

This week we talk about a scarce business mentality and an abundant business mindset and how to take advantage of it,

We also talk about how to legally print you own money with that abundance mindset.

We also talk about how not to be forgotten by your customer base and give you 5 ways to stay in contact so your competition doesn’t steal you customer.

If you don’t want customers who complain about price why do you offer discounts to get new customers?

If you want to give discounts, give them to the valuable customers you already have. Or a referral reward to refer a friend or family member.

If you’re a plumbing contractor we give you an excellent strategy to increase your business without adding one new customer. If you not a plumbing contractor you might be able to pull out the nuggets for your business.

How  about taking your poor preforming customers your C and D customers and sell them off to your competition you achieve 2 things your competition is now busy with their new customers they are not chasing you and now you can focus your time and energy on  the customers you enjoy servicing and selling to.  

One of the Keys is, think about what you want be creative stop following  everyone else .You can have more business and be more profitable  with your current customer base, especially if you have been in business for more than 5 years.

If you are going to go after new business  decide to spend as much on marketing to your existing customer base as you dedicate spending  dollars to acquiring new customers.

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