Maintenance Marketing Creating a Solid Platform for Growth and Stability episode 58

March 5, 2015

Maintenance Marketing, Creating a Solid Platform for Growth and Stability

Growth for your business is paramount and the easiest way to get that growth is through referrals!

I want to talk about maintenance marketing! This is going to be our topic for the next few weeks, we are going to hit it hot and heavy. Why? Because your past customers, present customers and future customers will help you grow a solid profitable business if you handle and market to them correctly.

If you’re in the marketplace providing value, you will always be able to charge a higher price. If you’re competing on price now and there is no value proposition to what you’re doing, just stop it!

I want you to be different.

So what does maintenance marketing look like? For you to set up your company to do maintenance, you are going to have to raise prices and then set up the systems to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis. See that’s how maintenance works. The homeowner does something on a regular basis so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it fixed later. We all do this! It is that why you maintain your car, your pool, and your sprinklers. It is why you maintain your house so that later there’s no huge expense all at once.

You’re going to have to figure out how to charge more for your services, knowing that you will give more and your customer will get a better service for what you’re charging.

Why do you want to do this? Because it always comes back! If you can raise your prices knowing that your profit is there, you can afford to do the little extra things that will wow your customers so they make better referrals. In the event that you do make a mistake and something has to be fixed there’s profit there to fix it.

So what does it look like giving extra and doing more than you charge for?

Today I cleaned a roof so let’s use this as an example. For extra value, I cleaned the driveway and sidewalk also at no charge. I had the time available to do that because I had enough profit built into the overall time I was going to spend there.

I told the customer that I cleaned his drive and walk to make his house look better and his response was “can I pay you for the extra?” I said absolutely not! We like to do things extra for our customers so we can just call this bonus to say thank you for doing business with us.

What does this exchange do?

  • It wows the customer that someone actually thought more about them than the dollar.
  • They go on our mailing list so they get our monthly newsletter and remain in contact all year.
  • They get a card next year at the same time because the drive is going to have to be cleaned again. This card reminds them that it was cleaned last year at this time and all they have to do to get on the schedule is to give us a call.
  • They refer us to like-minded people (let me repeat that last bit, that they refer us to likeminded people).

So for the next couple of weeks we will go through setting up the system of maintenance marketing to grow your business. This lets you have a solid profitable future.

Some of this will include starting a newsletter and how to use it effectively. What should be in it, what shouldn’t be in it and how to market to your customers so they keep the newsletter for a long time. Additionally we will talk about how to use the newsletter to dominate an area that you want to service by farming.

We will talk about Send Out Cards in the near future and how to put together a plan that will use my system as a template of sorts. You will see how we work referrals, new prospects and customers. What gifts that we give, how we send out cards it’s at the holidays and show you how to be different from the other people out in the marketplace.

I’ll take you behind one of our mailings that I do each year to help attract new referrals. Did I mentioned that I like referrals? They come trusting you and your closing ratios will be much better than normal everyday marketing (which I still do) but I still like referral the best.

I’ll show you how to use anniversary dates to create future business and set it up on automatic pilot so that you will have gravy jobs coming in.

So my real goal is to help you keep your customers mind so you can think like consumer first then act like a business owner. You will service your customers needs, wants, and desires because you are going to handle it from a WIFM (what’s in it for me) standpoint, thinking about your customer first in all things. Stay tuned for our series on maintenance and marketing.

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maintenance-marketing-creating-a-solid-platfomr-1024x683Maintenance Marketing Creating a Solid Platform for Growth and Stability episode 58

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