Levi Wampler Special Guest: Host of Flourish with Failure Podcast | Episode 114

March 31, 2016

Flourish With Failure gives you the answers you have always wanted to help you avoid costly business failures.

Levi takes a pragmatic look at business failure! You know what they say,”Those who can do, and those who can’t teach”, well this definitely doesn’t apply to me because I am really good at failure says Levi.

Levi Wampler…after my last business attempt failed completely I got really curious about what causes business failures. I spent a ton of time reading every magazine article and book with failure in the title.  Then reading all of the resources they used to write those books.

After I had spent a lot of time becoming an expert on failure, I decided to start the Flourish With Failure podcast so I could talk to others about their failures.  And to share what I have learned about why failure happens.

My mission is to show people how to run a business when success is never assured and failure can strike at any time.

This is a rather unique topic one that most business owners do not really know about or most of the times would rather stay away from. We only want to think about success. Yes, we all want success but in reality failure is a big part of success.

Levi Wampler read every book on how to be successful but failed. Success is only one outcome. If we change our perspective on the word failure and how it’s used.

There is a big difference between failing at a process or event and being a failure. So what is your definition of failing? Can you differentiate between the two?

Levi talks about why you should let yourself and your employees fail. Failure is a part of the process of your success factor.

Levi talks about a fail wall.  Keeping track of your losses, but not for failure sake but to look at and learn from and move you toward to success. A great idea for getting your employees to buy into the company.

Levi defines failure as moving forward but learning from that event and changing its emotional baggage.

The best way to fail is to fail fast, fail cheap.

Levi Wampler says anytime you are about  to make a decision or start a new business or new product ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. How do I prove myself wrong?
  2. When am I going to quit? What is my time frame to make it work? Or to let it fail?

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