Lets Get Your Phone to Ring with Dennis Daniels episode 183

July 20, 2017

Let’s Get Your Phone to Ring with Dennis Daniels | Podcast Episode 183

Is you phone ringing enough with qualified buyers? If not let’s create a way.

You can dial it up when you are slow and dial it down when you have enough business, no pun intended.

I’m not talking about buying leads from a company that sells 4 or 5 leads to each contractor for one potential customer. The key here is the fastest to the phone usually gets the deal. Why? Because that potential customer is calling now because they want results now, the fastest to the call back usually wins.

What if that lead company was you the contractor instead? The customer is responding to an ad placed for you. It has your number and that call comes directly to you and no one else.

Direct one on one, what a way to start a relationship!

They call you and get you.

Dennis Daniels and his partner Patrick Zanders company takes all the guess work out of this system for you.

They have created an ultra-unique way to have motivated, solid customers, right in the contractor’s local market, essentially raise their hands and say, “please help me with my project”.  These are highly targeted, highly motivated exclusive customers that contact our contractors directly.

What we have available is a mobile campaign that has the contractor in front of the people that are searching for a way to get their projects done with a button that says, “CALL ME”….and they do!!!!

Here are a couple interesting facts:

  • 78% of all people that access the internet in the US are on mobile devices i.e. tablets, Iphones, smartphones and androids.
  • 81% of all people that need to have a project done go online 1st to find a provider.

These 2 facts alone can spell SUCCESS for a accurately positioned contractor!  You see, we work directly with Google to create compelling mobile ads and make sure that this is at the very top of every search in the contractor’s area when it comes to selling customers wanting to get their project done.

We uncover as many as 30,000 different search words and search phrases so that when basically anyone looks to locate the contractor that they can hire to get their project done in their local market…They will see our contractor 1st!  Oh yea…and this will happen on day one, not some unknown day in the future.

So, when they access the internet using their phone in the contractor’s area and say ‘best contractor near me” or any variation or search term that we uncover, their location will be tagged by Google and matched up with our contractors ad.

They will see it at the top of the page and they will see it first.

They will see that this contractor can help them with their project and since they are on their mobile device, they can and will, click a button and call the contractor immediately….

This could be a definite game changer for your business.

No wondering where the business is coming from and when the business is going to come in.

It’s all up to you now you dial up the ads run and when you are too busy you slow it down.

Your leads are just like a thermostat you adjust the temperature.

Dennis and Patrick’s company Best Home Services Leads are dedicated to making your phone ring with motivated buyers.

You heard on the podcast how much was involved in setting up your ad and the positive and negative keywords even with all the upfront work

Dennis and Patrick have been generous to our listeners by giving a $250.00 discount off the $750.00 setup fee. To help get you started. The discount last for 3 weeks until August 3rd, 2017.

Each call to your phone you will be charged a separate charge of $70.00.

Register for your discount, fill out the form and talk to the guys at Best Home Services Leads and see how this can be good fit for you.

I want to secure my discount and get more information TODAY!

Secure your discount, talk with Dennis and his team to see if this would be a good fit for you and the growth of your company, there is no obligation.

Check out this episode!

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