Know Who You Are Selling to with Heather Havenwood | Episode 192

September 21, 2017

Today we have Heather Havenwood CEO of Havenwood World Wide LLC.

Heather is known as Chief sexy boss and she is a serial entrepreneur.

Today’s highlight we really got into talking about one of her clients who is a contractor.

Really getting into knowing who you are selling to and being aware of that person so that they can relate to you and you can close more sales.

Most of us guys have tunnel vision. We see things a certain way and that’s great, if only our customers saw things the same way.

Heather sees Contractors as artistic.

Her kitchen contractor sold and installed kitchens and wanted Heather to fix his website not realizing that he needed to be fixed first. Or some adjustments had to be made with him first.

Yes, his website did need to be changed, but that wasn’t a priority to get him where he wanted to go.

They were getting referrals, so obviously he was already doing good work. Then Heather said let’s talk about your markets.

Who are you selling to?

He said he sold kitchens… like most of us guys, tunnel vision and super simple, that is what we sell.

But who ultimately buys.

Whose kitchen is it? It’s the woman’s kitchen. Even if the guy in the house and you get along, if she doesn’t like you there is no sale.

  • You need to direct the way you sell to the person who is spending the money.
  • You need to dress to be welcomed with open arms. Heather even goes into the colors you should wear when selling to women.
  • All the way down to the shirt, pants, belt, and shoes.

If you are selling garage modifications, guess what, the women could care less. The guy is your customer.

Heather even goes into how do you talk to the women client? And why you talk to her and ask questions a certain way.

  • When she says something, repeat it back to her (she wants to know you are listening)
  • Never give one price to a woman (they love choices)

This has been a great talk for contractors to take a hold of and really put into practice.

Heather really let it all out. Who to really look at who is our customer first and then build a sales platform around that customer, especially women.

Let’s face it, women really spend the money so we should do everything in our power to learn how to relate to them.

For those of us who are married, listen and learn.

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