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October 30, 2017

Tom Mulliez Takes us through some of his key learnings that helped him stop and go and change direction from one way of doing business to doing a shift that just might transform his industry of offering guided outdoor tours.

Tom Mulliez with a company that through one platform would help everyone experience a better experience to the outdoors’s.

His goal is three-fold

  • Get people to experience the outdoors
  • Providing useful tips for experiencing the outdoors
  • And to educate people about the outdoors

We all face the same challenges and go towards those same successes so I want to bring Tom on today so he could share with us from a business owners perspective we could talk about the journey.

Tom is an avid outdoors guy I asked how he came up with the idea of guided outdoor activities.

Ten years ago and we had booked a fishing charter.

In Savannah Georgia I believe and it just was a terrible experience you know on paper it seemed great and we knew what we were looking for and when we got there the boat was not as advertised the captain seemed over it

and it’s just overall it was just a terrible experience he cared more about the thirteen hundred dollars he was putting in his pocket than creating a long-lasting relationship or someone that could refer him.

That’s why you know that that night I remember going and saying this is crazy we can’t even find a great experience all the time and we know what we’re looking.

So how do we create something that allows for creating that great experience and that’s kind of where the idea started forming.

I was able to really put in time into the business model but the business plan wasn’t right and the launch and launch which was an utter failure.

The first attempt.

It didn’t work out the way I wanted to now you know so first really quick two weeks into the launch this is all wrong so.

Which was good I mean you know if you think about it I failed really quickly which was great fired all the people I was working with,my background is in customer experience.

I knew nothing about how to market online and I knew nothing about how to develop and build websites and all that stuff.

But I had a great idea that I could conceptualize what I wanted to look like and all that but I picked the wrong partners first mistake really dive deep into that and so then you know we launched the summer fourteen failure relaunched in April fifteenth.

And really slow to get going but we got a first couple customers and first, you know a little bit of repeat business,

One thing led to another and here we are now across the entire state of Florida offering outdoor adventures.

Actually we realized that we were not doing a good job of repeating that customer base when using third-party guides so we have a mix of in-house guides and we have a mix of third-party guides and in the house we bought the boats we bought the camping gear because to just be clear we do fishing camping hiking and paddle adventures across in Florida and so, we have our in-house guides who have our own gear and our return rate there was really high and then when I compare that to the return rate on the other guides in our network I realize wait a second something is not right here.

Either they’re providing a poor experience from but in our survey. They’re providing a great experience but customers are not coming back and we realized they’re not coming back because they’re being stolen from under us.

The guides you know who are the least business savvy individuals are only thinking about tomorrow’s bread and not how to have someone else make the bread for you forever so, for example, someone we were driving ten thousand dollars’ worth of business to in a year is cutting us out of our own customers in order to gain that extra fifty bucks.

Well lo and behold now we realize it’s happening and you know we get rid of that person who was making ten thousand dollars a year off of us and now they lost it all. They didn’t decide that this relationship was valuable to them enough that it would cost them fifty a trip to have a steady stream of business coming in.

It’s their loss but for us you know we can’t sustain a business model where we’re just constantly doing the entire value proposition and then be losing out on that repeat business. That’s where all the future profits are made.

That’s why we’ve took taken steps we’ve taken to stop that from happening.

Actually, works better for everybody because there are things that we provide that that other people can’t you know a guy who’s on the water doing his job which is guiding.

Can’t return a phone call or can’t answer the phone

when he’s with other customers, whereas our customer service we are there ready to go on weekends or weekday mornings whenever the customer calls we’re going to pick up.

When they aren’t able to do that themselves so eventually we had some customers come back to us.

By making all those mistakes and challenges Tom Mulliez at Itrekkers figured out what was going wrong and made course corrections to become a better company to become a better customer service, better at customer relations, figuring out how to change the way people interact with his company concerning the outdoors and outdoor adventures.

Buy building a raving fan base in accordance with his goal that will help change the face of the outdoor guided tour industry.

Tom Mulliez with a company that through one platform would help everyone experience a better experience to the outdoors’s.

His goal is three-fold

  • Get people to experience the outdoors
  • Providing useful tips for experiencing the outdoors
  • And to educate people about the outdoors

Connect with Tom at

He would love to answer any questions about the outdoors.       






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