Kerry Heaps on Follow Up Techniques That Make $en$e Episode 121

May 19, 2016

Kerry Heaps on Follow Up Techniques That Make $en$e | Episode 121

What is true follow up? It’s  what happens after you make a presentation.

There are 5 areas we can improve on to increase our profits for now and the future.

The question is, are they going to buy now or are they going to buy later?

If you start with the notion that that they ARE going to buy at some point then you also have to follow up with some sort of program so that you will get them when they buy later and it’s not your competition that gets the sale.

Some of the biggest areas many business owners could improve on is follow up. Kerry has found that there are five basic mistakes with the follow-up process.

Ultimately, we as contractors need to get in front of more people each week.


When you a€™re going to do the quote, most contractors don’t take detailed notes. It’s the little things that might count. Like maybe going they may be going on vacation or they are thinking about also doing another project at work or something that might interfere with the spending process.

Don’t just rely on your memory, take detailed notes when you are talking to the potential client.

2. Followup Contacts

Business owners don’t reach out appropriately. They don’t ask permission to reach out and follow up and so look pushy or aggressive.

3. Persistance

Never give up! Sometimes it takes 5, 10, or more calls to get that customer on the phone. It’s probably not because they’re running away from you, it’s probably just because they a€™re busy. They truly do appreciate the fact that you are following up.

4. Having A System

Most business owners have no system in place for follow-up. It doesn’€™t have to be elaborate, just create a simple system, something that will work for you. But the key is to start it and never stop.

5. Fear

This is probably the biggest most important one… is people let their fear takeover.

We have a tendency to give up on the follow up process. Like we said before, just never give up and know that is not about you. You may have to keep trying to get a hold of the prospect in order to follow up. You could take 5 to 10, or even 15  attempts to get that person correctly in your follow up funnel.

Tracking your follow up will show you your stats (and you know how I love stats!). It will show you your averages or the pattern on how many times it takes you to get the in touch with your customer.

It is our job as the contractor to set up that expectation of the follow up.

The key is never give up.

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