Keeping More of Your Profits with Travis Jennings | CSW Episode 169

April 13, 2017

Keeping More of Your Profits with Travis Jennings | CSW Episode 169

Today Travis is going to help us discover how as business owners to keep more of that hard-earned money. There is more than one way to keep profit from our businesses, many a business owner leaves this one out.

Is this story familiar? You’ve worked all year and then looked at your yearend numbers and say WOW I really did great this year! Then you give all your numbers to your CPA and when you get the final figures back you get WOWED again because you’ve got to pay out a lot in taxes. There goes that profit that you worked so hard for just passing through your hands.

And to think a lot of this transfer of wealth could have been prevented!

Travis takes us some of the ways that you can legally use the tax code in your favor. It was written for you, the business owners, you just must be better informed.

That is where Travis comes in!

Travis benefits from spending almost a decade delivering remedies, systems, and support to improve families’ personal finance, investments, and taxes. Over time, he learned that one of the key differences between those with wealth and those without is the type of financial education and guidance they receive. The current financial industry compensation structure pays advisors based on the percentage of the money they manage, which creates an environment where advisors make more money as they manage more money. As a result, the brightest minds head upstream to manage the top 1 percent.

Travis determined he wanted create systems that would allow everyone to access to the best planning strategies. The biggest obstacle in delivering high end solutions to large groups of people, though, is time. Thankfully, Travis served in the United States Air Force and was trained in systems and technology. He combined years of financial education and planning strategies with the training he received in the US Air Force to solve the issue of time.

For this reason, he has created an automated online platform with the ability to share the solutions used by the top 1 percent with the entire population. Travis believes that transparency and knowledge should be accessible to all, and he has dedicated his life to helping people become as educated and informed as possible, providing them with solutions that work. He has three beautiful kids with his best friend, his wife. He also has a dozen cows, a pair of pigs, and around 70 chickens on his farm just outside of Tampa. He enjoys nature, meditation, and teaching those with a desire to grow. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, as well as on several podcasts, as a financial services expert.

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