Keeping More of Your Hard-Earned Profit from The Tax Man with Craig Cody 222

November 15, 2017

Today I have a special guest Craig Cody.

He going to help us figure a few ways to not paying the government as much money as you do and therefore making more profit, because you get to keep more.

Craig Cody is a certified tax coach, certified public accountant, business owner whose company is dedicated to helping his business clients take advantage of the tax laws that are in place to help business owners keep more of your hard-earned profit.

As a certified as coach Craig belongs to a select group of tax practitioners throughout the country who undergo extensive training and continued education in various tax planning techniques and strategies to become certified.

Why is Craig’s company different that other CPA’s and accounting firms?

  • He communicates with his clients on a regular basis to make sure they are taking advantage of their legal deductions.
  • His goal to become a team member of your business, every successful business has a great team behind them.
  • Just like every successful sports team has many members that has a part in helping that team become great.
  • Craig is a Tax Coach a tax strategist helping before that fact and along the way not after the fact.

Tax coaches like Craig Cody play a big part in helping their clients keep as much money as possible.

Imagine talking to Craig on a monthly basis to strategically Plan your tax strategy.

Much different than many of us that have gone in for a meeting with our CPA and our meeting is, here is how much you owe the tax man, and this is the due date. See you next year.

Not that our CPAS aren’t doing their job correctly they are they figured out what you did from the past records and let you know you owe accordingly it’s pretty cut and dry.

It’s not your fault you probably never knew that there were tax coaches and CPAs that would look at where your business was going and could advise you on your business before you actually got to the end of the year.

There is.

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