Josh Lattimer Spills the Beans on His Keynote Talk at the HUGE Convention | Episode 124

June 9, 2016

Check out the link to getting your free ticket to The Huge Convention below!

Josh  spills the beans today about his keynote speech at the huge convention and he also talks about why you need to be there (actually we both talk about why you need to be there!)

The Huge Convention is August 11 through the 13th

One of the main focuses ofThe Huge Convention is focusing on the back end of your business. The nitty-gritty of making things happen rather than just the technical side of your business.

It’s about how do you lead your team? How you become a leader, the nitty-gritty of your business like what are your acquisition costs and what makes you profitable. How can you grow quickly and stay profitable?

With all the speakers that will be available, it’s really about how to be the CEO of your business.

The title of Josh’s keynote speech is “The Executive Mindset”.

When you think like an executive you deal with issues in a completely different manner than a technician. This all that has to do with your mindset and how you project yourself.

So how do you become the executive of your business of your life, your family and everything that you do.

It’s all about building to the right and proper foundation for your business and your life. When you have that in order then it’s much easier to build your business.

In the beginning of the process the whole executive mind process is starting with the Why, Why did you go into business?

Sometimes going back and figure figuring what the why actually is is not the easiest thing to do but it’s a necessity. Did you go into business because you wanted to be the boss? Did you go to into business because you wanted to create a lifestyle for your family? Did you go into business because you just didn’t want to work for anybody else? Find out why you do what you do… why you started your own business.

It’s imperative that you sit down take time to go over your why, why are you doing what you do.

You can’t cast a vision for your future company if you don’t know where you want to go. We have to be intentional about everything that we do in our business.

Being intentional means that you sit down and you force yourself to be by yourself so that you and yourself can plan. Focus on thinking.

You have to become that guy who is focused and is in the process of learning the executive mind set.

The Huge Convention

You need to be at The Huge Convention so you can grow your business and yourself!

The list of Speakers that are going to share their knowledge and expertise will without a doubt…

  • Empower you with information that will transform your business.
  • Looking to move to the next level? BE THERE
  • Looking for new equipment? BE THERE
  • Looking to connect with likeminded business owners? BE THERE

The HUGE Convention is a premier event. If you are a window cleaning or pressure washing business owner, you have to be here. The size and quality of the event will blow you away.  Be atThe Huge Convention.

The link to the Huge Convention sign up

The link to getting your FREE ticket to the Huge Convention

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