Josh Latimer Transforms Street Bidder to Send Jim episode 95

November 19, 2015

Josh Latimer Transforms Street Bidder to Send Jim – Episode 95

You want to grow your business and leave the competition in the dust, but you don’t know how or it’s too hard to do with all you have going on. With all the hats you have to wear and all the fires you have to put out every day it can seem like running your business is overwhelming.

Technology is a wonderful thing when it works.

When I talked to Josh about I got excited. Why? Because I’m a relationship marketing guy, my whole contracting business is built around building and keeping relationships.

This is because it’s the long term relationships that keep your business thriving, growing and profitable.

Those long term relationships that become raving fans and the best referral partners you could ever want. Also those new referral customers will be the cheapest to acquire. That is where comes in.

It amazes me how many businesses forget about their past customers and spend a fortune acquiring new ones. I have to tell you that’s one of the dumbest and most expensive things any business owner could ever do.

It’s the multiple touches you give your customer through SendJim that really makes them feel warm and fuzzy. This is what NOBODY else is doing!

Additional reference: Discover The Only Thing Your Competition Can’t Copy You On, Episode #92.

And the wonderful thing is through SendJim you can sequence it and set everything to go out from your phone. BAM..easy as that.

The only thing that takes work is setting up what you want to send out and what to say.

That’s where I come in… I’ve put together sequences for my contracting business including what to say how to say it for my business and I so I was doing it I wanted to help make it easier for everyone to get and use SendJim.


Simply sign up for a FREE Trial to SendJim and get a report that I wrote, detailing 15 Sequences that you can cut and paste into your account!

> Get the FREE Trial Now!

Get up and running in minutes and start making more money today! These are the already done for you sequences I use in my business!

Email me at and ill send your over the link to the already donefor you sequences.


send-jim-get-a-free-sampleJosh Latimer Transforms Street Bidder to Send Jim episode 95


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