Influencing Web Traffic to Convert Better with Chris Dayley | Contractor Secret Weapon Episode 152

December 15, 2016

I have an awesome guest today Chris Dayley. He’s going to cover some fantastic  things about website conversions and optimizations. Actually Chris Dayley has a passion for helping business online… after spending years of driving tap traffic through SEO and PPC efforts, Chris turned his attention to the user experience with their website to see it he could influence traffic to convert better. After running a successful test, he fell in love and began focusing on helping businesses.

He encouraged site owners to test their website experience and he started his own website conversion optimization full-service agency, helping business discover what will convert best on their sites for testing. In 2016 he merged his company with Disruptive Advertising

Chris won an award for a 97 % opt-in rate… he knows what needs to be done!

Everyone talks about getting on the 1st page of Google. But if no one calls you or you can’t convert the lead,  the question is WHY?

The key is getting customers to convert, not just getting them to show up. You have to know what they want in order to get them to be interactive on your website.

Chris says what is interesting is that most people don’t actually know what they want on the web. He ran a survey to some potential customers a while back. He gave the survey audience two different website experiences and  asked them which one they wanted to use.

The overwhelming majority (like eighty-five percent of them) voted for, let’s just call it, Version 1. Only 50 percent voted for version two, but when  we ran the test online we tested both of the pages at the same time with real traffic. With our real audience it turns out that the overwhelming majority preferred Version 2. When it came to a real  web experience they overwhelmingly picked Version 2.  The majority of people didn’t actually know which one they would want.

So it comes down to testing and knowing what your customers want.

Mobile is huge! Makes sure to see how your potential clients see your mobile website, is it too wordy or straight to the point?

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