I0 Expensive Tax Mistakes Contractors Make with Diane Gardner 233

November 30, 2017

Are you over paying your taxes? … more than likely, so Diane Gardner wants you to STOP overpaying your taxes! Going through I0 Expensive Tax Mistakes Contractors Make. Diane shows each of us how to keep more of our hard-earned money.

Diane Gardner is an expert tax coach, Quilly award recipient, and best-selling author whose proactive planning approach gives clients a leg up on Uncle Sam and helps them dodge the tax bullet.

Diane saves small business clients between $5,000 and $50,000 in as little as 60 minutes!

Today we get a chance to spend some time with Diane Gardner a certified Tax coach and go over some outstanding ways to keep more of the money that we make in our business the legal way going over strategies about actually, keeping more of the money by legal means, in reality, being able to keep more poof our hard-earned profit.

More profit and isn’t that what we all go in for is to make a profit.

In our interview Diane spills the beans on some rather unique ways we, as business owners, can keep some of that money we’ve been paying maybe needlessly to the government.

  1. Number one reason we pay more taxes is the absolute number one thing it’s failing to plan. Business owners can change their outcomes for their taxes dramatically if they will sit down with somebody who’s proactive and lay out a plan and that is such a simple concept but such a vital one. And it is missed all the time.
  2. Having the wrong entity. You started out small and grew but forgot to take a look at how your company is set up and does it need to change?
  3. Choosing a wrong retirement plan or not having one at all can have you giving the Is more money that you have to.
  4. Family Employment, Interesting concept having you family members from the age of 7 up on your payroll for doing legitimate work.

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And why do we do that? Pay more than we should. Maybe it’s because we are afraid it’s going to cost us money to hire a professional, it’s a good thing none of our customers feel that way or all of us would be out of business.

Now on a serious note we are spending a fortune on taxes doesn’t it make sense to have someone on your team, yes, your team, that help you plan and in many cases, redirect that out go of money to a better place your bottom line.

We always talk about increasing your profits and marketing to get more business, raising your prices to make more profit.

Now we are talking about profits in a different way and actually keeping those profits with the proper tax planning using a proactive tax preparer like Diane

Even if you raise your prices, if you don’t have the proper tax planning in place, then all you are doing is giving more to the government and by-passing your bottom line.

Stop the madness, check with Diane Gardner and see how she might be able to help you keep more of your money and pay less taxes legally!

She will take a look at your taxes to see if you are paying too much

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