How Your Target Market Creates More Profit for You 196

October 10, 2017

How your target market creates you more profit.

Your target market is going to help you work smarter and not harder.

You want the customer to chase you, with the proper marketing. All is possible.

So how does your target make you more profitable?

The size of your business will depend on the area or areas you choose to service.

You are going to pick out your target area where they live, your target client who they are.

You decide to work those specific areas, you’re not all over town like you once were.

You’re doing this strategically extracting business from those areas.

Any calls that come in from areas that are not in your target set them up on an off day a makeup day.

You are in control of the time place on you yourself, your crews, your travel time and your down time.

All your time just gets tighter, spending less time to running around you are learning how ot be in control.

Ultimately you will own those targeted areas, if you keep marketing to those areas directly until it doesn’t pay for you to market to those areas, you will know when to stop.

You are going to have to set up some tracking system for the areas you market to, a simple excel spread sheet will do, keep it simple.

I said that you will stop marketing to that area when you feel it’s necessary to do so.

Not quite true you will always drip those people who became your customers so they don’t forget who you are. You will do this on a regular basis. I call it maintenance marketing.

This way you always have people in your marketing funnel.

You can move away from the transactional thinking, to long term profitability thinking.

You’re going to hear me say this a lot stop chasing the dollar. You want to be

purposeful about everything you are doing, remember we as the business owners need to be control of our businesses so don’t let our customer run your business.

We are more than service providers, being in business we are problem solvers first. This is what will set you apart from being a commodity to a specialized business.

  • There is a need to be focused on your target
  • Create laser targeted areas to go after
  • Decide who is now in your target and slowly weed out customer s who whine and complain. That are not defined as your target market. (raise prices)


Why target?

  • Less Time traveling more profit
  • Less down time means more productive time. more profit
  • Concentrated areas to work in more profit
  • You get to own a neighborhood or niche. more profit


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