How to Catch Your Competition with Their Pants Down Episode 82

August 20, 2015

How To Catch Your Competition With Their Pants Down Episode 82

Quote: If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

This week I wanted to talk about a few things that came to mind while I was driving down the road… this is where I get some of my best thoughts. So this week I decided to record in the truck.

The other day I happened to be thinking about the competition and how I could tweak my marketing a little to help get better results.

Then I thought about the follow up program the I have in place, going back to the episode where I talk about increasing your business by 40% without hardly doing anything more. Well, I got to thinking about a number of things but this one thought kept sticking with me.

If you have a business where you have repeat business like mine, let’s say roof cleaning and pressure washing, the pressure washing for residential can be done every year.

Now let’s say that 98 percent of your competition has no follow up campaign to remind their customers that they did business last year. Matter of fact, I’d guess that that 98% of your competition only HOPES that their past customer will call for them to come out and service them.

Now let’s imagine that YOU have a system that’s keeps in contact with your customer.

WHY NOT keep in touch with that other vendor’s customer. Ok, you didn’t get the job for whatever reason. I’m going to put that person on my follow up mailing campaign to send them a card basically saying, hey Mr. & Mrs. Jones last year about this time you had your drive and sidewalks pressure cleaned. With all the rain and moisture we’ve had over the last year, it’s time to have it done again because if you wait too long you will also have to call your carpet cleaner because everyone is tracking in the mildew and algae growing on the walks.

Really your competition is not going think about future business from his past customers and, more than likely, the customer is not going to remember who they did business with last year.

Think about it, what is it going to cost you? Maybe $1.00, if you did 2 mailings maybe $2.00.

taking-your-business-to-a-new-level-using-send-out-cards-episode-75-contracotr-marketing-232x300How to Catch Your Competition with Their Pants Down Episode 82Wowing your customers!

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