How to Avoid Bad Marketing Contracts with Michael Herman Episode 128

July 7, 2016

How to Avoid Bad Marketing Contracts with Michael Herman Episode 128

This is an amazing episode full of red flags that Michael Herman shows us to look for when hiring a marketing company! Red Flags are some of the things you should be aware of when you are in the market for good marketing.

SEO Marketing Contracts

  • Monthly SEO Contracts is the most common form of payment, but it’s a big red flag … check for the circumstances take the SEO work  break it down to pages not hours, and maybe spread it out over time.
  • Guaranteed Rankings – they could show you top ranking for some one that is not even a client of theirs run.
  • Taking Ownership of your content or site pages also known as the golden handcuff
  • The Lowest-Priced SEO  nearly always cost you more over time
  • “Secret” SEO Strategies run!
  • Having a “Special Relationship with Google” run on this one also, no one gets a special price
  • Fluff Language  monthly SEO management, we can put you at number one
  • Choosing “#” Number of Keywords
  • Failing to Ask You Questions, what do you as the customer need or want?
  • Submitting to “100s of Search Engines” Really how many good search engines are there , the top 5 will give you 95 exposure
  • A Lot of Backlinks In a Short Amount of Time … this can get you Google slapped and then you will have to pay someone take them all back out
  • It’s All About Them & Their Business, Not Yours … you should be the most important person at that sales meeting

Other Marketing Contracts

  • Check the “Early Termination Fee” negotiate it out if possible
  • Don’t Accept the SEO Agreement at Face Value/As-Is
  • “Set-Up Fees” most are willing to wave, ask what is the charge for
  • Paying Too Much Money Up Front this is a plague in the marketing industry  have them space it out, have them earn your business
  • Poor Reporting, ask for an example of how they will report their activities
  • Generating False Credibility just putting out press releases is not marketing
  • Radio Silence Approaching Renewal Date they know if you don’t contact them your contract automatically renews, make sure you  keep in touch with them!

Always negotiate, always negotiate. Negotiate something,

About Red Drop Digital and Michael Herman

Michael Herman created Red Drop Digital in his 19th year of digital marketing strategy experience. He believes every brand’s digital presence has room to grow toward greater online visibility for their audiences.

There are missed opportunities on your brand’s site today, and your social media marketing isn’t yet as efficient and effective as it can become. Every passing day multiplies those losses.

It’s time to ask us, Red Drop Digital, to locate those opportunities for you, explain why the instances are truly missed opportunities and direct you regarding how to turn them into increased visibility for your brand for each segment of your target audience.

Explore our site by learning about our online marketing services, then call us or email and tell us which business goals your current marketing strategy isn’t meeting. Red Drop Digital can help you, starting today?

We solve one of your significant problems before we ever sign a contract. It’s on us.

Michael said if you need him to look at a proposed contract he said to contact him.

Call us: 630.803.9432

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