How Many Ways Can You Get the Phone to Ring for Your Contracting Business | Episode 110

March 3, 2016

How Many Ways Can You Get the Phone to Ring for Your Contracting Business?

Spring is just about around the corner and a couple weeks ago I did a Podcast on how to get business for the spring.

A few weeks ago I sent out emails to some of our subscribers of the podcast just to put out a feeler on what are some of the struggles that you’re having right now that we might be able to help you with and one of the request was how do I get the phone to ring.

Ultimately you get your phone to ring when you have multiple streams of marketing for your contracting business. I know that some guys are just new in business and want to know, what does that really look like?

So I want to go through just a few ways. I thought about doing 25 ways but that probably would turn out to be a book or 2 hour podcast. I promise you I’m not going to do 25 ways to make your phone to ring!

I have always said that you either have time or money. If don’t have time or you don’t have money, then you have to choose on which one is going to be your best return for what you have available to you.

As I go through these, I want you to take into consideration that there are two types of personalities, extrovert and introvert. Now I am an introvert so some of the things I will not do and some of the things I will do and that’s just because of my personality. If you are an extrovert then you may go and do some of things I’m about to talk about. If you’re introvert you may have to pay someone to do some of these things for you.

How do I know these things work?

Because everything works, you just have to do everything. You can do one thing today that doesn’t work and go do another thing tomorrow that does. The biggest challenge with most people is, they will try one thing at a time to see if works and then say that it doesn’t work. The key is to try everything because something will work, you just don’t know which one of the 3,4, or 5 different things you are trying it will be! You just have to work everything at one time …

This one’s for the extraverts!

I’m going to tell a story about my brother-in-law when years ago he sold water treatment systems. On Saturday early in the morning at eight or nine o’clock he’d start walking the neighborhood of the areas that he wanted to sell water treatment systems. He went out and found people working in the yard. He would meet and get to know them and ask questions and he wouldn’t try to sell them anything, he would give them an information piece about “how healthy is your water”. And he sent them a card in the mail saying it was a pleasure meeting you. He actually went out to meet people in the neighborhood that he wanted to sell water conditioners and he made warm contact and he ended up selling the most water treatment systems in that community. Why? Because he went out to create relationships!

So really what the key here is building relationships…that’s what he did, he built relationships. He found out about the people, he wasn’t really concerned about what he was selling even though he knew by doing the relationship building that they would do business with him, at least the ones who were in the market for a water treatment system.

So as I said before I’m an introvert so I know I have a tendency to sit back and make things happen from a “draw-them-in type of marketing”. We talk about this all the time, but lately I’m thinking about cutting my work week back so that I can do more networking, so that I could be introduced to the type of people that I could help and people that would help me help their friends and clients, which in turn would help my business grow.

Now I know this works because I’ve done it before and thousands and thousands of people do this. They network! However, one of the key things to networking that I found is that your elevator speech, which is usually 30 seconds, has to tell a story about you that will actually end up having them ask you questions later. So you don’t want to actually tell them what you do, you want to tell them in a way so that they will be able to ask you questions. You want to peak their curiosity!

So in the past this is been one of my elevator speeches, you know that my contracting company does roof cleaning, pressure cleaning and now just exterior painting.

When networking or asking for referrals, this is my elevator speech:

Hi, my name is Dave Negri. I have a company that creates a profit centers for other service businesses like roofers, commercial cleaning companies and awning companies so if you know an owner of a company like a roofing company an awning company or a commercial cleaner that’s not making all the profit that they need or want, then that’s the person I want to talk to! I can show them how to create a profit center with no more employees, no trucks, no extra insurance. I’m Dave Negri with Elite Home and Property Services

Trust me, I get asked a lot of questions and I get referred to people that are always looking to make more profit.

Here’s one we’ve never talked about and that I’ve never used, but I do know people that have used on a regular basis to get a tremendous amount of business. I know it works well for remodelers and painters, it’s the “new move-in’s people” who have just purchased the house and moved in.

I was reading article a few years ago the average person who buys a house over $300-400,000 will spend upwards of $50,000 the first year to make that house their home. I think that maybe new move-in’s for some of you guys that have been in the business, this will work with any business really because they’re moving in they need a good reference of business people that they can rely on, so why not it be you on that list!

You want to welcome them to the neighborhood and let them know about your services and how you can help them. Maybe you’d like to do something special for them giving them a free estimate on making your new house your new beautiful warm home and we would love to send you out to dinner as a gift for moving into the area.

Something like that does cost money, but no matter what you do you’re going to pay for customers. If you’re going to get a decent customer that going to spend up to $50,000 to upgrade their home, you want to make sure you get a portion of that expenditure.

If you’re a pressure cleaner and need business right away because you need money now, waiting around for the phone ringing is sort of passive. You want to be active! Go to some commercial clients and do some free demos, doing some phone work to find the right person to contact.

You’re probably saying, why should you do something for free? Because you want to find out what their biggest problem areas of a particular location is, go clean it for free. Take before and after pictures and send them to the head honcho.

Why do for free? Because if you just call on them on a regular basis, hoping to someday to get business it could take you a year before you get a call back. If you go and you clean it for free and you just do a fantastic job, then you might get a contract right then and there and bypass 10, 11, 12 months of courting a potential client, so it makes sense to do it for free! How much is your courting time worth?

If you need work, what’s the difference? You’ve got plenty of time on your hands, so you could do something productive and constructive. Take before and after pictures and now you’ve got a live demo that you’ve just done for one particular commercial client. Now you’ve got before and after pictures to show to someone else what you’ve done, so you’ve got you filled your bag of tricks.

You can do the same thing with the residential customer just make sure it’s $1 million house.

Another way to get your phone to ring is to contact all your all your customers and just thank them for doing business with you. Send them an email, send them a thank you card, send a newsletter, just send them something!

Guaranteed you will get business from it when they call you to say thank you and that they have been thinking about getting this done and they are SO glad you sent them a thank you because now they remembered to call you! Happens to me all the time!

I just went through a few ways to get your phone to ring if need business fast. Really the key is to have multiple streams of marketing. This can be challenging, so you are going to have to do multiple things. You always have to do multiple marketing streams to keep your funnel full so the phone is always ringing. There’s multiple ways to those referrals including networking and meeting new people, and helping people. It is much better to have your funnel full and turn business away by being selective than to let your potential customer know that you need work and are hungry. When you are in that situation, it’s like being fed to the sharks!

I hope that this has helped you this week with creative ideas of how to make the phone ring. Remember, waiting for the phone to ring is passive and you want to be active, so do whatever you need to make that phone ring! Don’t just wait for it to happen!

Get out there and be profitable!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that we’ve been able to help you at becoming more profitable. Some things you may have known but will do now so until next week, again thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you listening and always, if you have any questions, email us at

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