Highly Targeted Marketing – No Shot Guns Allowed

July 7, 2017

One of the hard parts of being a service contractor, whether you are a plumbing contractor, roofing contractor, painting contractor, home remodeling contractor, matter of fact any contractor or business owner is in the beginning we chase the money.

And rightly so, hopefully there comes a time when we get to that point we get tired of chasing the money and look for ways to have the money chase us.

In this series of Highly Targeted Marketing – No Shot Guns Allowed

We are going to help you discover how through target marketing.

Target markets are truly where you can focus on growing your business for today and the future. Done correctly you can market to your target and have them start chasing you.

Stop Chasing the Money Have the Customer Chase You

We put this 5-day series together to help you move one step closer toward your dream business. The one that can run without you in the trenches but in the captain’s chair, navigating your way to financial freedom. One step at a time, one system at a time.

To having your business build you the lifestyle you deserve,

Dave Negri
Contractor’s Secret Weapon podcast

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