Helping You Become The Better Leader with Hamid Safaei 235

December 4, 2017

It’s all about Helping you become the better leader we need leaders and we need great leaders.

First class leadership is and starts with three pillars of unique qualities.

Who are those first-class great leaders the greatest leaders on earth?

for example, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Benjamin Franklin, Nelson Mandela much more Gandhi.

  • They all had a compelling vision they knew where they were heading they had a crystal-clear idea about their destination.

And then they day loved what date did they were you know they had passion you know what why is it important to have passion to love what you do every day.

  • You have to have courage, you have to have the courage to follow the path to that final destination, that vision, that goal when only you believe.

Having courage to push the red button knowing you are making the right decision which gets you closer to your final goal.

The guts to make to do the painful unpopular costly decisions which you have to make to get you closer to your goal, your dream, your vision.

“Never Give Up“ A quote from another great leader Winston Churchill.

  1. Leading by example, Integrity a leader must become rich with integrity. Leaders apply a reality check where do I want to go , am I on the best course to get there sort of how you use a G.P.S.

Great leaders analyze where am I in my journey. Like playing chess. You have to know where what position you have and what position the other person has you know that that determines your next move.

  1. Purposefulness, the greatest leaders have had a purpose, while trying to achieve a sense of balance in their lives.

Hamid Safaei is best known for mentoring on leadership, personal development, and conflict resolution, Hamid Safaei is a certified executive coach who helps leaders, senior managers, and budding entrepreneurs discover and cultivate their potential.

Hamid is passionate about helping both individuals and teams to always be at their best. He has led successful business transformations for a number of Fortune Global 500 companies. He has developed ImOcean Academy, a unique institute where he applies first-class coaching tools and techniques combined with best practices.

He regularly publishes learnings on and on subjects such as leadership, realizing goals and dreams, the Wheel of Life, stress management, target setting, and bringing potential to fruition.

His passion is to create a better world by and with better leaders. His biggest dream is for peace in the Middle East, which he sees as a fundamental step for the peace in the world. Hamid aims to achieve breakthrough results in the peace process in the Middle East by 2025.

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