Growing Your Business by Getting Out of the Dumpster with Dr. Reggie Padin 145

October 27, 2016

Growing Your Business by Getting Out of the Dumpster with Dr. Reggie Padin

Reggie explains that you have to get the trash out of your head to become more. And we all have trash it is a continual process  just like taking  the trash out of the house every day so the house doesn’t get all smelly.

So it is with the trash in your head you have to get rid of it so your world doesn’t get all smelly.

Dr. Reggie R. Padin’s mission is all about helping people overcome their “Dumpster Moments” and go beyond their limitations.

An award-winning speaker, his story has inspired many to believe in themselves and recognize their God-given potential.

In his new book, Get Out of the Dumpster! A True Story on Overcoming Limitations, he narrates the story of how he went from being a high school dropout, working for pennies hauling garbage by hand out of a dumpster, to become a successful educator, author, entrepreneur, executive coach and spiritual leader.

A story of determination and belief, determination in knowing that it was going to be an ongoing process to attain that which he wanted to attain.

And a belief in realizing that he could be whatever he wanted to be it was his choice.

Identify your “dumpster” moments and deal with them individually one at a time.

Why you must find your purpose so you have the energy. There is nothing worse than trying to do something you weren’t meant do.

Focus on the solution – not the problem… that seems simple but our brains don’t seem to be wired that way. Sometimes you have to force yourself to focus on the solution.

How to overcome FEAR sometimes it is just doing that which you fear!

Limitations are only a self-imposed illusion think about what an illusion is (not real).

Everyone WANTS to be a success…but few want to put in the effort.

Finding your passion… are you chasing the right thing?

You CAN do hard things!  Because it gives you fullfilment and a sense of accomplishment!

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