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December 27, 2017

Want more profits? Want to build better relationships and build a better brand?

With the year-end here, I decided to review all the podcasts for this past year to see which were the most popular.  Based on number of downloads, this was Number 1.  In fact, this podcast had double the listens and downloads of all the others.

On this podcast, I’m speaking with Gregg Burkhalter. Gregg is a recognized authority on Personal Branding and LinkedIn.  He has helped countless professionals in the U.S. and abroad define and grow their Personal Brand using LinkedIn.  Gregg is known by many as “The LinkedIn Guy”.

During our conversation, we discussed numerous topics including:

  • How Gregg came to be known as “The LinkedIn Guy”.
  • Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016. What this means to you and me.
  • Your LinkedIn profile now has more exposure that ever before.
  • How a LinkedIn profile is different (and more powerful) than a resume.
  • What’s new on LinkedIn and what new features are on the way, soon.
  • LinkedIn success is not gauged by ROI, but instead by ROR.
  • Relationships and a solid daily strategy are keys to LinkedIn success.
  • Customers buy from YOU so a strong Personal Brand is very important.
  • What are the steps of building a brand. (The 3 D’s of Personal Branding)
  • What to do daily on LinkedIn to build relationships and grow your brand.

If you have any questions not covered in this interview, please reach out to Gregg.  He provides Personal Branding Coaching and LinkedIn Training via one-on-one and group training sessions, corporate presentations and webinars.

Connect with Gregg Burkhalter


(770) 313-2385


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