Google Pay Per Click Instant Gratification with One-Click Lindsey 242

December 13, 2017

Google pay per click instant gratification with your marketing. One Click Lindsey is a Web strategy expert with small businesses and helps owners to utilize the web to produce more traffic and traffic leads.

Today we talk about

  • What’s a landing page
  • What does a landing page do?
  • About getting Better and faster results.
  • Is google pay per click better than face book marketing.
  • Can you use google and face book as a double whammy.
  • Why you need to be on Google local
  • And a surprising though about Bing pay per click

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I’m really excited for you to be here today. I have a truly and energetic guests with me today. Her name is Lindsay Anderson. Actually, we also know her as one click. Lindsay as you you’ll see a little bit in a few minutes. She is a Web strategy expert with small businesses and helps owners to utilize the web to produce more traffic and traffic leads . That’s one of them for Web sites or Web company name is Web impact. And I hadn’t met Lindsay for real in person and back in September at a seminar we were both at. And I just wanted to have her on the show because we had brought her on our team and she built our new website. Her and her team and I am thrilled. And you’ll hear that our conversation. But I just want you to welcome one click Lindsay today and we’re just going to have a blast. So hey today I have got the one click Lindsay in the house or we got Lindsay Anderson and they’re both synonymous they’re the same person and I’m just Lindsay I’m just excited to have you here with us.

speaker:              I’m excited to be here. Thank you so much for letting me be.

speaker:              I know I’m excited. Well let’s just so you know when we talk in September it was kind of cool to just get to meet you because you had become a part of our team and developing our new Web site. And that was exciting. So that’s a shameless plug for Lindsay that she created our  Web site so you guys have a tour of, so you need to go there. You can see what kind of work she does.

speaker:              Its really awesome but you mostly want to go there for the awesome content that Dave is dishing out over there on his daily podcast.

speaker:              Great. I love it. So, give everyone a little bit of background story about you and how you got to be called one click Lindsey.

speaker:              Yeah. So, my specialty Dave is to get people to make that one click on your Web site which typically means you get some contact information from them because quite often people are not ready to call you and they’re just kind of looking around at a contract like if they’re looking for a plumber or a painter they’re kind of looking around see what their options are and quite frequently they’re not ready to call you and sign up. So, the best thing you can do is try to get that come that contact information at a minimum get their email address at a maximum you can get. Trying to get their phone number their name and their email would be super awesome. Obviously the more you ask for the harder it is to get. But back to my story I have a specialty in driving people to these pages.

speaker:              Getting them to hit that button and getting their contact information. Why am I called one click Lindsey because I had a chiropractor client that we were working with and he actually shared an office building with me and we both ended up showing up for work on the. At the same time every single day. But he wanted me to run a traffic in Leeds campaign for him and I gave him the Build-A-Bear approach, I was like you know online marketing it’s kind of a long-term game you have to do some AB testing.

speaker:              I just can’t go out there and make ads and bring in the leads like it just it’s a process. And throughout the whole time we would walk in every single day and I’d be like duck because you kind of gave me a hard time as I got my money where’s my leads you know.

speaker:              Awkward.

speaker:              And I was like Doc, Doc you just gotta give me time once if I can get them to make that clear because you are operating on some Facebook ads and some paper click ads and the landing page. I just got to get them to make that click. And once I do then you’ll have like this never-ending funnel of traffic and leads for our practice business. And finally, one day I made some changes to the landing page one evening and I came in the next day and we had about 20 e-mails for him on the list. Things started working. Yes. And I must say he was mocking me so because I must have said the word one click ,one click to him a hundred times and he said well if it isn’t one click Lindsay finally made magic happen. And there you are. And I was like Oh I like that and so being the marketer that I am Dave I picked it up and I was like my name now is one quick one because it’s so much easier to remember than Lindsay Anderson or your business name right.

speaker:              Yeah although  is a pretty sweet business name. It

speaker:              is. It is. But if you notice today it was kind of. Now here’s an interesting thing.

speaker:              And it’s kind of funny because I went to google images and I put in Lindsay and Lindsay Anderson. Yeah. OK. And I think it was like two pictures of you there. OK. Well when I put it in one click Lindsay.

speaker:              You DOMINATED. Yeah.

speaker:              Maybe I should name a couple of my images Lindsay Anderson, so I can do a little better on google image search but honestly a lot more people call me one Click Lindsey to be quite frank with you.

speaker:              I know that’s pretty cool. And it’s really easy just one click your name comes up your address comes up and bingo you’re there and you’ve got the whole story.

speaker:              I do. There you go.

speaker:              So that’s an awesome name. So not though. This is kind of interesting. And I didn’t plan on going there with this but I’m not going to throw you under  the bus or anything but.

speaker:              No, I wouldn’t do that.

speaker:              But you know how just you found out what were for you it’s like the one frequency. How important is it for contractors and every other business owner to find that one thing that would work for them? Give them the name recognition that they need.

speaker:              And I think this actually I think this actually wraps perfectly into the topic we were going to cover today so I’m glad you brought it up because in the world of contractors a lot of you can be really in that situation that you know they’re all the same. And people are just comparing by price. I as a web developer and an online marketer I run into that all the time. And so, it’s so important to figure out that one thing that will get people to remember you or recognize you so you can be different from the rest of your competitors and I don’t care if it’s cheesy because you know what One Click Lindsey is cheesy. Definitely my husband totally thinks it’s cheesy but whatever it is like you can’t just be Joe Bob’s painting and like you know without any anything distinct. Like maybe you specialize in X Y Z that’s something distinct or your name is distinct. It’s so important. Otherwise you’re just grouped in with the rest of them and you’ll just get those people who are price shopping, and nobody wants to run a business based on lowest bids.

speaker:              But yeah. So, I know one of the things that we talked about in September and now is that I’ve never really been a huge fan of Google Pay per click. But I’m becoming more interested and more interested and I think that’s why I want to talk about today because with Google pay per click mobile it really changes the game for contractors.

speaker:              Yes, it does. Pay per click. I mean it is especially for contractors. I feel like it’s so important and I know this is not an interview about you Dave but why do you not like paper click.

speaker:              Why were you turned off on it originally because we had done other a lot of it has to do with and experience in knowing you know yeah.

speaker:              And another challenge I had with pay per click they didn’t do it right. And not to say so of a small fortune to navigate. But there again that wasn’t my fault. Pay per Click is more as direct result marketing. It’s just a different form. If you do it correctly right.

speaker:              Yeah I mean and if I may explain why pay per click might be even a better option than Facebook ads and I would also like to talk about how you can use those in conjunction for a superstar type of campaign. So, when you think about it when people are looking for contractors they’re like quite typically literally in the market in ads. And so they’re going on Google and they’re typing in roofing contractors Idaho or Portland or wherever you’re at in this whole list comes up.

speaker:              Now the very best place to be Dave is in the google maps or the organic listings like those are clicked on. Eighty percent of the time. And that’s where you want to be. So I always recommend to contractors to always be running and SBO campaign in the background because if you can get up there to the top seven of the Google Maps and also inorganic you’re going to get all of the leads. And so, it’s so worth it to run a campaign. But if you are not up there and even if you are I still recommend running a P.P.C. campaign because people are actively searching for these on Google versus when we’re running a Facebook ad campaign you like what are the chances you’re going to be able to get in front of somebody who’s literally looking for a roofing contractor that’s going to be a little bit more difficult versus someone actively searching and you coming up on a page and that’s why you’d want to run a PPC campaign.

speaker:              And I also want to mention to folks when we talk about Google ad words it’s an amazing platform and you should totally do it. But don’t forget about being you can get less expensive clicks and you can run campaigns over there to see which one does better. I’ve literally had people that have killed it on being and we’ve spent as Dave said a small fortune on our words and we shut all the outwards off and we’re just running everything on being.

speaker:              Wow. That’s pretty amazing.

speaker:              Yeah. Just because it’s a little less competitive over there. Yeah but that’s kind of interesting and you have to remember Internet Explorer is installed on everyone’s PC laptop that’s the default. That’s the default browser and everything so people who aren’t even that technically like interested in downloading Chrome or who even care about what browser you use they’re going to use Internet Explorer and that will default to being.

speaker:              So, here’s the other thing about Google Ad Words. Let me yet. So, here’s the thing. This is kind of what else we’re doing. So, the other thing we’re doing on Google outwards is we’re going to we’re going to run a really awesome Google AdWords campaign. We’re going to be driving people to a website. And maybe it’s an opt in or maybe it’s just a landing page whatever it is that you’re driving people to. There’s a hundred different ways to do this but you drive people through clicks through longtail keywords on Google PPC and then you got to make sure your Facebook Pixel is there or on your landing page. OK.

speaker:              And your Facebook Pixel everybody who came from a PPC campaign and then you turn around and you start running ads to them on Facebook.

speaker:              And so you’re basically getting, like you’re getting a really active audience because obviously they were on google searching for roofing contractors and then you can retarget them there on Facebook. So that is a really great way to get even more value out of your PPC campaign.

speaker:              Wow. Not yet. Double Exposure.

speaker:              Exactly, exactly where as I mentioned before sometimes on Facebook it can be a little bit difficult to find that audience of people who are actively searching for a contractor since it is a very like immediate need you know.

speaker:              Yeah, I mean I’ve found some groups where guys are just you know some guys are doing are doing Facebook advertising further their services and stuff like that and then are complaining that they’re not getting any business. A lot of money and I’m going well you know you can’t go out and upsetting the flow of things for the most part when you’re on Facebook and you’re advertising because people are there to just interact socially and you know they’re not it’s not a go to place to find yeah I mean and like you just put yourself put yourself in just a regular Facebook type of person situation you’re looking at you’re looking at these ads and like an ad for some you know roofing contractor flows through like you’re just going to skip right over that because you’re not in the business for a roof if you were you’ve already gone to Google and kind of tried to figure out who you were going to go with at that point.

speaker:              Like it’s gonna be really hard to target that audience and part of Facebook like the wonderful part of Facebook that you can create these wonderful lookalike audiences and stuff like that. And that may or may not work for you but it’s still going to be really difficult.

speaker:              Yeah ,yeah. Because they’re not they’re not actively buying. I mean I would think that if you were going for as a contractor let’s say if you’re going to try to run an active campaign on Facebook then you’d have to make it look like a social thing.

speaker:              Yes like homeowners saves thousands by blah, blah ,  yes like an  info ad.

speaker:              Yes. Or of course on Facebook. You can always play the long game which is have your Facebook page you keep you know you update your Facebook page three or four times a week with whatever it may be. And so you are always you know kind of top of mind for folks when it comes time for them to select a contractor.

speaker:              The long game it’s a long shot of real long, long  game and it’s kind of funny because it’s in the society now people go everywhere to look to see if you’re even a viable company.

speaker:              Yes, so you see what you do after you do that too.

speaker:              I know it’s one of those necessities, before you know years and years ago when doing Web sites came out it was and there was no real necessity for stuff like that per se. People would do it as a trying to think as we were just certification in the sense that yeah you’re you’re a viable business. Yeah. And now it’s like I’ve actually I’ve been to places for my pain because have gone and done painting estimates and it’s kind of funny because some of them that they already picked me to do it.

speaker:              Yes. So I go there and I go through the whole thing and they go OK give us a color chart. Now I know you know from all the years that people don’t ask for a color chart until they’re ready to buy and I didn’t even give them a price yeah but yeah, they checked me out and checked everything out.

speaker:              So that’s when you know  its’seally important to have your presence on the web.

speaker:              It is. And this is a whole other episode Dave, but having those reviews on your Facebook page getting clients to review you on Facebook and Google really important and I know it’s super annoying for small businesses but you gotta do it. You got to do it.

speaker:              Just one of those things that you know it’s one thing I’ve got to do. Well no it’s not. You need to take that vocabulary. Not one more thing I’ve got to do is one more thing that has to be done.

speaker:              Yes. You have to you have to ask those customers to review you. Yeah.

speaker:              Yeah. Not only that but you don’t have to do. You’re going to have somebody else do it.

speaker:              Yeah that’s true. You know there’s a system for almost everything.  Yup.

speaker:              I want to add one more thing  My good buddy  Dave and I are recording this December 1st of 2017. So, Facebook is getting so like this may not even applicable in a year right because Facebook is getting super smart. I don’t know if you’ve heard these rumors or tested it yourself Dave but pretty much your phone is listening to you. So let me give you an example my brother in law and I were talking we were my phone was sitting on the kitchen counter and we were talking about this new insta pot and it’s basically like a pressure cooking crockpot. OK. I’ve never heard of it never talked about it. He was literally the first person that was telling me about it. I kid you not.

speaker:              I go to Facebook and there is literally an ad there for it. I’m not kidding. And so Facebook is listening to us. They’re getting smarter. And like in theory they’ll be able to serve ads because you’re going to be sitting there talking about pink color and painting your walls and then then an ad like that would be applicable to you. And Facebook is listening to you like this is happening right now.

speaker:              Kind of freeky isnt it?

speaker:              Yeah but I’m like you know what. On one hand it’s like that’s creepy but then on the other hand it’s like yeah. Because my brother also that the spots I totally clicked on the and went and bought it. So, it was extremely effective.

speaker:              Oh, wow that was pretty cool.

speaker:              There you go. Yeah because it was actually ended up being like an Amazon deal of the day thing. So, I had to pick it up.

speaker:              Wow. Awesome true story.

speaker:              That is cool.

speaker:              So, know I heard about a little bit about pay per click mobile as opposed to just you know basically it’s simply different animal or does it get use from you and with your paperclip it get it gets used in conjunction.

speaker:              And I mean it is really important because like 85 percent of the people now 85 I’m sorry 70 percent of the people that are doing searches on Google are definitely coming in from a mobile device. And so you definitely want to make sure that you have all of that set up and add words correctly. And when you send people to a landing page that you’re not just sending them to your home page but you’re sending them to a mobile friendly landing page like that’s one part that people really mess up with on Google Ad Words is they kind of just send people to their home page for you. Yeah like that you’re just going to waste and spend at that point. Now here’s a helpful little hint for those just getting started either on mobile AdWords or regular AdWords. You can go in.

speaker:              This is what I recommend you go in and you set up an account for ad words you put your credit card and you do all that you give afterwards your very best shot at creating an ad and your keywords your locations and everything like that. And you  basically pause that campaign at that point and then either see a phone number on Google they change every day you’ll either support phone number or shortly after you do that Google actually sends you a coupon for 50 dollars free AdWords credit and they will ask you to meet up with a representative to talk about your campaign. So I highly highly recommend that you take them up on this because what will happen is that lovely person in Google on the other side of the phone will offer to basically set up your campaign for you which you want to do because AdWords is so complex with negative keywords and match types and budgets and links and all of these things like it’s a monster.

speaker:              So, let her set up the ad for you. Put in your 50-dollar ad words credit and run it and see what happens. So that’s a free way that you guys can try and see if you can get any phone calls or clicks for free on ad words. I highly recommend it.

Speaker 21:        Cool that’s great way to get started.

speaker:              Yeah. And why does Google do that because Google wants you to be successful on outwards because then you’ll continue to put money into the system. If they can help, you’ll be successful and it works for you. You’ll continue putting hundreds of dollars into the system.

speaker:              Yeah. So, do it. All right.

speaker:              I’m going to for the fun of it. Yes. Yes. Have something else someone want to form.

speaker:              Yeah there you go. There you go. Do you talk a little bit more about issues with outward campaigns?

speaker:              I would like OK I’m going to get everything I came out of you know within an amount of time.

speaker:              OK. So we can do another one someday. Yeah, we came to. Yeah totally. Because there’s so many things to talk about but now I mention one of the biggest things that happens with
AdWord mistakes is people send people to a website that’s never a good idea.

speaker:              They send people to a non-Facebook pics old website. That’s not a good idea because you could be retargeting them on Facebook. The third is you just go out and you write a super generic ad and hope for the best outcome.

speaker:              What’s that again is that I call home flyers. Yeah.

speaker:              And like that like you got to be. We talked about at the top of the show. You’ve got to like to give them a reason to click on that ad make it unique. Put something in there and see if it’s going to work. So, don’t just do a super duper generic ad.

speaker:              And finally, as I mentioned before Google is Google AdWords is a really complex monster and there’s things like negative keywords which mean like for example, like let’s say you’re running ads for your painting business you can go in and say OK Google this is what’s called a broad type keyword. Anyone who types in house painting you don’t like.

speaker:              Have me show up unless they type in the words house painting jobs because then all of a sudden, you’re just going to have all of these people who are looking who are painters looking for a job. And so you have what’s called a negative keyword list where you can basically exclude like a whole lot of key words to make sure you can get rid of certain searches like that. Now there are lists out there you can go to Google and you can type in Google Ad Words negative keyword list and they’ll give you a lot of ideas like people who are doing research or taking a class or want it for free or all of these negative keywords so before you do any keyword Google AdWords make sure you have your negative keywords set up there.

Speaker 21:        Because. Yeah. Because and you know you put into your painting and yet to be a host of different things like painting colors.

speaker:              Yes. You don’t want painting color.

speaker:              You don’t want paintings or how to do well maybe they’re just looking for how to video.

speaker:              You don’t want to how to.

speaker:              Then daily you can go into the AdWords you can look at this report and it will actually tell you the keywords that your ad came up for that was clicked on. So, you’re going to go want to interview those reports and if like some like maybe you didn’t include a specific negative key word and someone with entering painting jobs showed up and you forgot to put jobs in there. You can go and continually add to your negative keyword list.

Speaker 21:        So it’s like any other campaign or any other Marketing campaigns going you tweak it so you get it,So, everything you want to do in that space.

speaker:              Yes. And I all I’ll tell you what. Like I’m literally six weeks in on a outwards campaign for a client of mine and we are finally getting it down to the cost per lead that we need. Like this is and we’ve gone through hundreds of revisions. We’ve had hundreds of keywords you know yeah like it’s just it’s a process and I cannot stress enough that words he can’t just go in like put a thousand dollars in there and hope for the best because it won’t work out. It just works. It’s too competitive.

speaker:              Yeah that’s kind of funny. I had somebody once who are kind of what do Facebook ads. And I know it’s a little different but it’s just funny. We said you know you need to do a couple ads. They said OK, so they win they go. We put 100 dollars into the ad and I go OK.

speaker:              And it was on like that and I go yeah, I know this is what I mean I don’t know a whole lot of off Facebook ads but where did you did you tell them to just spend it all at once or five dollars a day. Oh, we didn’t know you could do that. Did you tell them to go somewhere what do you mean tell them to go somewhere?  I said them you could give me 100 bucks I would always take me out to dinner.

speaker:              Right. That’s right.

speaker:              Oh, hey this is cool. Really awesome. All of us need information is all these little tidbits these gold nuggets that they will help people with their Google ad words. But let’s say that they don’t want to they want you to do it for them. How do they get in touch with you?

speaker:              Yes. Thank you for allowing me to say such a thing so you can check me out at all my blogging is at One Click You can spell that however you want. With or without a wand or spell it out I don’t care. It’s  or my name of my company is  So you can reach out either way and we can set up a time for a consult and then we can get you over a price quote because we can set up funnels where we set up your landing page and your email sequence and we nurture that email list or we are or we also can do all ala cart where we just run add words campaign or we have a monthly program where over 6 months we just improve all of your online marketing system. So, by the end of the six months you have a well-oiled machine of dependable traffic and leads for your small business.

speaker:              Wow that’s pretty awesome. Now yeah. Yeah. That is really cool.

speaker:              The whole program I like because most people don’t. They’re thinking I’m going to spend a fortune but if you put them on a program and say we’re going to do this this this and this and this which you expect then that makes it more fun.

speaker:              Yes, well and I think a lot of people I guess the reason why I came up with that last program Dave is because people get really overwhelmed. I mean we’ve talked about 100 options here just about SEO and PPC and Facebook ads. I mean just online marketing there’s just so many options so that monthly program we pretty much planned it out and because I know what I’m doing I’m able to say this is where you’re going to get the most bang for your buck. We’re running Seo campaign in the background. We’re running you know Facebook ads in month one or maybe Facebook lead ads or whatever it is and kind of just plan it out.

speaker:              That’s really cool. Thank you. Yes. So, do it again tell us how do we get to you again.

speaker:              Yeah. Yeah. or http://www.traffic and or of course you can reach out to Dave because him and I are pretty good friends anyway.

speaker:              And really got to go to my Web site and take a look. But it got all her stuff. I mean she’s got a ton of stuff and it’s good day. Thank you.

speaker:              It’s so neat to you know to be able to get to share you with our audience and see you at our Web site. And I’m really excited.

speaker:              Thank you. It has been so much fun to be on your show today. Cool

speaker:              . I’m excited. Thank you so much for being with us.

speaker:              It is my pleasure.

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