Getting Unstuck with Paul Reed the Human Acceleration Hacker episode 187

August 17, 2017

Paul Reed says he helps influencers hack their limits to reach new heights.

You can SOAR!

If you are in business, you know that there are times you get stuck and can’t figure a way to get to your next level.

Sure, it’s happened to the best of us and it could be happening to you right now.

We get to a certain point in our business and, wham, the same things happen all the time.

It could be, “I can’t seem to get past a certain income level or a revenue level” or “I can’t seem to hire the right employees, or get better customers.”

It like being on a hamster wheel and you go around and around and then suddenly it stops and you fall off. You get back on and start the process all over again only to come to a level of frustration, and for each one of us it is a different level of frustration.

Paul Reed and I had a great conversation about.

  • Why do we hit walls or come to a screeching halt?
  • Does everyone have this happen?
  • What does it take to get past being stuck?
  • What are some common thought processes that keep us stuck or keep us from going in the right direction

Some of the conclusions that Paul Reed revealed. On getting unstuck:

  • It could be something from our past.
  • At thought process or memory, we forgot about.
  • Could be the words we use in our everyday life.

By finding out what has us stuck we can get unstuck and move on!

Paul’s offer to our listeners, that’s you!

Get your 15-point pdf, Questions you ask to achieve a goal

Go to

Fill out the form and ask for your 15-point pdf Questions you ask to achieve a goal.

Breaking it down that goal so that it’s set.

And for the first 5 that go to the page to get this and fill out the information he will schedule a free 30 minute call with you to set that goal in your subconscious mind to make goal come to fruition.

Contact Paul Reed

Phone: 731-616-0090

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