Getting Past Front-End Profits with Dave Negri 237

December 6, 2017

Let’s talks about getting past front-end profits we think about going out and getting new clients all the time and more and more on how can we get them into our funnel or get them as clients, the front end is making money today but what about tomorrow the future?

When we think about the most it’s making that first sale with the prospect that’s called the front end that’s the first sales subsequent sales are, back end sales. So, we’ll talk a little bit about that but why are we so engrossed in the front end of the process?

Well mainly because most of us are transactional we want it to happen today and today only many contractors are not thinking about tomorrow per se mostly or the future and so let’s talk about how we all think.

We need more clients and so that’s what we concentrate on.

But do we need more clients, yes, we do obviously need to think about getting new clients is very important but there’s another very important profit center.

It’s called the backend profit the front end has to carry all of our advertising costs for example let’s say you run an ad let’s say you wanted to add vail pack or you do some EDDM postcards and it cost you three thousand dollars.

And you only get three clients out of it, first that sucks because you probably have a bad marketing piece but it costs you one thousand dollars to  get each one of those clients Now if your average job for those three clients is let’s say twenty-two hundred, twenty-three hundred dollars then you made out OK, but if your average job was under one hundred fifty bucks you lost money big time.

Some big companies intentionally lose money and on the first sale that may sound ridiculous but it’s not to a point.

They know that they can afford to buy a customer basically this is what they are doing with this strategy by offering the first sale as a lost leader, they know that what they’re doing it’s figured in the whole crux of things that means they’re willing to lose money on the first sale just to get that person as a client, so they can buy over and over and over again. There is a lot of profit in future sales. Weather it be new products, or repurchasing the same product.

It could also be up sells and cross sales to a different product category.

I think you get the point. Get past front-end profits.

Include a plan to create future profits, back end profits in your sales cycle.

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