Getting Commercial Business Using LinkedIn Advertising with AJ Wilcox 212

November 1, 2017

We’ve got to talk about LinkedIn advertising today with AJ Wilcox.

We discussed LinkedIn advertising and how it’s great for business to business.

You know a lot a lot of contractors that I know of do a lot of commercial work so this could really fall into the ballpark, of helping them create more business and better relationships.

Absolutely yeah LinkedIn, it’s grown so much there are so many changes that have happened I mean it’s a whole different animal than like just Last year.

At the time of recording most people if not all should be able to post video themselves what you don’t have yet is the ability for a company to publish video.

Facebook and LinkedIn what is the difference?

It’s a different mindset isn’t it?

Absolutely I think there are two things that really set LinkedIn and Facebook apart.

They’re both very, very good platforms for different things I think there’s a data difference and I think there’s a mindset difference so well however from the data side.

When you very first set up your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn is asking you things about who you are professionally and this is the first things that you put in Meanwhile on Facebook, Facebook is asking for your personal things.

And you’ve got to be really diligent to get all the way to the end where it starts asking you work things again its at the end.

You’re going to fill those things out on your profile so that’s a difference in the data.

Facebook has your personal data not necessarily your business data.

LinkedIn is vice versa on the mindset difference what I tend to find is that when you’re online again you’re either thinking about your work or your career and so when you can give someone an offer that augments one of those two things you’re going to get a really good response rate versus on Facebook most of the executives that are on Facebook they’re trying to look at their pictures of grand kids or you know run the go like blossom steam player playing a game of Farmville or something so big differences in the way that people actually interact with the platform even if it’s the same person.

LinkedIn people when you’re on the platform you’re looking for information.

Become a better marketer. Well I think the biggest piece of it is that because of advertising on LinkedIn is technically what we call a display so it’s something that someone is not actively searching for.

The mind shift that you have to make going into any kind of social ad really is not a sales aspect like most people think of when they think marketing but it has to go to more of a consultation of helpful nature

and what I mean by that is if you show an ad on Linked In that just says here’s our phone number call us.

A we’ll give you a quote. No one in the world is going to click on that because they’re so happy surfing around in relative anonymity and the prospect of hopping on the phone with someone and getting a sales pitch is like whoa you’re asking too much.

Its like asking for marriage on the first date.

So, what we do instead is we ask for some lighter commitment up front here is a free white paper download Here’s a guide a cheat sheet.

Join this free webinar or something just to start engaging them and when someone approaches good advertising or any kind of social advertising if they’re thinking about it from that how can I be helpful standpoint I think that it changes everyone’s thinking and marketing I love that how can I be helpful?

AJ Wilcox Is a master at LinkedIn Advertising

So if you’re considering if you’re going to have a serious about maybe I should be advertising on Linked In. Think about who it is that you’re doing business with if that office managers if it’s property owners if it’s business.

Connect with AJ to see how he might be able to help your organization grow through Linked in Advertising.




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