Getting Better Leads and Making Bigger Profits with guest Alex Genadink episode 113

March 24, 2016

Getting better leads and making bigger profits with guest Alex Genadink episode 113

Alex Genadinik is a very successful online entrepreneur specializing in scaleable and advanced marketing techniques that go beyond social media and SEO.

Alex also a 3-time Amazon bestselling author with 15+ books.

Alex goes into some in-depth keywords for your website. He also talks about things that Google likes to use to help you bring up your standing like Yelp, YouTube and some other and other authoritative web sites.

Get as many people to review you as much possible as on multiples search engines. It all depends on how you ask! Maybe create a YouTube video on how to do the reviews you can send out to your customers.

You want to control your reviews. If you get a bad review, you need to be able to get it buried with positive reviews. You need to be persistent about getting reviews.

Alex is also an online teacher with 75 courses and nearly 60,000 students

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Alex Genadink is also has over 75 courses on Udemy which many deal with business building and marketing strategies

Local business marketing

Other courses

Strategies I use to earn 1000% more revenue from customers

Flyers marketing: design the perfect flier and get clients

Marketing plan template: How to write a marketing plan

Advertising: how to write converting headlines & ads to sell


Alex Genadink   is also at   

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