Focusing on The 4th Quarter For Next Year’s Growth with Al Levi 215

November 6, 2017

Today we get to talk with Al Levi a former heating and air conditioning and electrical business owner.

What do we have to do in this fourth quarter to get prepared for next year’s growth?

Al Levi is the author of Running your contracting business with less stress and more success the seven-power contractor.

The seven-power contractor is a leader who is in command of the seven major areas of your business that require attention as the owner leadership planning operations finance selling marketing staffing and sales coaching, of course, it’s written by contractors for contractors just like this podcast.

Today we’re going to discuss what contractors should be doing to focus on the fourth quarter for success in next year you’ve got to start with a plan and to me, my favorite expression is that I was told which is I think if you don’t plan you get a plan put in place for you and you’re not going to like the results,

Those plans are many times systems and procedures. The funny thing is that.

We as business owner become slaves to our contracting business when the systems and procedure should become the slaves to run the business

Al says I got tired of waking up every day to the fire that I thought I put out yesterday and I was so busy in what I call firefighting I was never had fire prevention plan and so that’s the best way to think of it is as fire prevention.

As you move into the fourth quarter this is your golden opportunity to finally spend a portion of your day or week or month on fire prevention and what I learned was I used to say to myself you know what.

I’ll get to that when I get when after the season or when I slow down and you know what happens is that you forget what is you needed to address.

The hardest thing is to address it right now.

Al says what I learned to do was to use the fourth quarter to come up with what I called my top ten list.

The ten things that I thought that I wanted to do in the next year that was going to have the biggest impact on my business on what I was feeling at this moment of pain it really helped me focus on the ten things that I want to make the business better.

When you’re overrun by too much you’ve got to prioritize and so being forced to keep it to ten allowed me to pick those most urgent things that would be able to help me transform what need to be addressed.

10, not ten thousand, break it into the little nuggets.

Here is the promise that you have to say to yourself though is that these ten things well either fix your biggest problem, challenge or give you the greatest chance to grow and be profitable.

The hard part is that when you come up with your top ten and you look at it put it away.

Ask yourself objectively if I work on these will they either fix my biggest problem, challenge or give me the chance to grow?

Getting a written plan together

  • Procedures -what does it take to run your company.
  • Staff hiring
  • Training from the how-to in the field and sales training for your staff
  • Taking young willing people in training them being able to have a good sale system that’s repeatable by people learning.
  • How to market better that gets you right customers at the right time the right way
  • Learning your financials so that you’re running the company real world financials.

If you really want to win the war you must work on these things that you have said that are going to make that big change because that battle is always going to be breaking out the goal.

The goal is not to win a battle today the goal is to win the war that means again a portion of whatever you’re doing is working on fire prevention, not just firefighting.

The fourth quarter is a great time to kick-start this because if you wait until the beginning of the first quarter you’ll be always trying to catch up. Connect with Al Levi

Al has helped many businesses create more success with less stress through the 7-Power Contractor

You can a copy of his book click here to go to his website

You can contact Al


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