FOCUS Is The KEY to Exponential Growth with Paul Potratz episode 122

May 26, 2016

FOCUS Is The KEY to Exponential Growth!

How do we figure out what to focus on is the question?

An interesting thing about Paul Potratz is he dropped out of high school in the ninth grade with $275 in his pocket.

With a camera and $275.00 in his pocket Paul learned sales and marketing and now nine years later Paul has over 50 employees with five businesses and generates over $34 million a year worth of business.

Paul has a weekly video podcast called Think Tank Tuesday geared toward entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs, sometimes we have too many options. And sometimes the options are good and sometimes we get so that we have opportunities that are disguised as good things and turn out to be just shiny objects.

Entrepreneurs have a tendency to chase after the shiny objects only to realize that they’re taking us away from our focus or the main thing that we are attempting to do in business.

So how do we figure out what to focus on?

Paul suggests that you have to figure out who your customers are, niching the down and specialize in the highest profit customers that you like to serve. This will let you fine tune your business and focus on the important things to make it grow.

If we can answer these three questions we have a great start:

  • Can I save my customer time?
  • Can I save them money?
  • Or will my product or service make their life easier?

If you get yes answers to theses questions, then that’s what you should focus on in your business.

You should focus on only those things a hundred percent and don’t let shiny objects get  in the way of you becoming successful faster.

It all goes back to servicing your customer and instead of  going after the whole pie, going for the smaller piece of the pie. Smaller so that you can service your customer better and be the best at one or two things you do well, then you’re not havinge to worry about competition.

Most businesses don’t become as successful as they can be because most business owners will not stay the course and stay focused. Businesses fail for so many reasons and most of the time it has nothing to do with money.

Social Media

Social media is a great tool and our main marketing tool today. Unfortunately, with many older people in the business who just really don’t “get it”, there is a disconnect. This is where we are going and so many just give reasons why social media won’t work for theirs business.

Most people don’t realize that with social media and Facebook that you can actually start a business or get credibility without a website because you can do it all on social media. You can get the credibility without having to pay someone to build a giant website for you.

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend that  the tools that are available to us that are right in front of us. It’s like we are too close to the forest to see the trees. Facebook is a dynamic medium.

So the key were for today’s is focus… but WHAT are you focusing on?

Are you focusing  on the customer you are doing business with today? Do you get that check and move on to the next customer?  Are you focusing on getting paid from that customer and forgetting about the  life time value? This is how valuable he is to you throughout the rest of your business because he still needs be paid attention too.

Do you continue to interact with your customers after the “sale”? Maybe send him a gift to keep him alive and vibrant customer for life.

If you’re thinking it’s too expensive to send gifts and little things to your past customers, think about how much it’s going to cost to replace the customer… about seven times as much as it does to keep them!

Keep them happy for life so they become raving fans. If you left them on a good note and keep them on a good note, they become your best sales person.

Consistency is one of the other keys of doing business. If you’re going to do something, be consistent. If you do a video podcast or write content and put it on your blog or if you’re going to post on Facebook, then be consistent about it so that people become expectant about what you’re doing.

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