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January 29, 2018

Its all about Dominating your market Today’s Contractors Secret Weapon’s podcast is all about Gary Geiman of Salvo and we are going to be talking about Dominating Your Market. Gary has been involved in generating sales and developing marketing systems for almost 25 years, B2B B2C along with his brother.

He started a pressure washing business into the fourth quarter of 2012 and how they are riding vertical fall in 2014 as a way to generate revenue around. Utilizing, planning, and understanding how to dominate local search and implementing e-mail marketing automation has allowed them to reach a million-dollar annual gross sales revenue in 2017. They’ve begun to turn this knowledge into a passion helping other business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Their Facebook group which where I found Gary the Marketing Mafia has over 20-100 members learning to dominate ways to dominate their market and explode their revenue and gear.

When 2018 came, Gary and his brother tried Chat Bot conversation for their customers so they can get through the process of getting them into an automated communication funnel so that when their customers are ready for their service, the information is there. He resigned and learned e-mail marketing, utilize it to be able to attract all types of customer and this lead to learning about Google AdWords which helped them get to a million dollars in gross revenues in 2017. In term so dealing with their customers, Gary and his brother has a cleaning scenario or contracting scenario which is very transactional.

Greg started the Marketing Mafia in the Facebook group in February of 2017 because they see that there’s a lot of different things out there available for new contractors as well as even seasoned who are trying to get to that next level. They have experienced and had a lot of bad decision so now they had decided to put together a couple of different things for contractors to be able to look at and say “I don’t have to make those bad choices and here’s a roadmap for us to become successful”

  1. It’s important to always be organized in a business. To always have a PLAN. MARKETING PLANNING. They had to buy the right tool for what they are doing as they wouldn’t have hit where they are right now without spending the money investing in their company with the resources that were necessary. Knowing your numbers and being able to set up effective email marketing campaign funnels and massive teaching AdWords.

Dominating the Market means Gary wanted to help his business and other contractors to be able to dominate their markets and achieving the goal that they want for their business as all started out with a DREAM. But at first, it wasn’t easy as there were roadblocks but at the end of 2015 Gary had to make a decision and he reenergized himself. Reenergizing came from deciding this is going to be a legacy and we’re going to build something that everybody in his family can be proud of and leave something for future generations. Thinking with a purpose.

We all continue in life learning something. Learn things to the best of your ability, to get proficient and you will be able to earn more. Because it goes back to what was said, singleness of purpose. They know a lot of times contractors get lost in that and always looking for the next best thing when they might have the next best thing right in front of them. They just have to figure out how to make it the best thing.

As what Gary had said, to bring home the fact of figuring out what it is that you want for your business and then going after it. And that’s really why they are determined for 2018. They want to dominate the market together with other contractors. Making sure that they provide excellent service back to those customers.

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