Does Your Marketing Pass The 5 Second Stranger Test with Bethanie Nonami 204

October 20, 2017

Our attention span at least in the United States for reading is five seconds a goldfish attention span is eight seconds ours is really five seconds because there’s so much to distract us.

We have five seconds to grab their attention it doesn’t matter what media we use.

It could be

  • Cold calling
  • Print advertising,
  • Video marketing
  • Facebook

All of what we do to communicate to get customer has to be doen with in the first 5 seconds.

Today we have Bethanie Nonami she ended up in tech while working as a senior in high school. 25 years later, here she is ; coaching World changing business owners like you. I teach you the technology you need to scale your business and give you the time you only imagined since starting your businesses.

Imagine a less complicated business life. All you must do is take action!

Technology was designed to automate manual things and make our lives easier…not harder! Technology is an essential component of everyone’s lives.  Imagine what happens when your systems aren’t in order in your business world.

Bethanie helps business by educating us on what we don’t know about the technology so it becomes our friend and works for us.

Bethanie can help you bridge the gap between the black hole of technology and being able to use technology effectively.

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