Knowing how your customer thinks so you can sell them more effectively | Episode 58

February 26, 2015

Do you know how your customer is thinking so you can sell them more effectively? Episode 58

Today we focused on how to know what your customer is thinking. So many times with contractors, we just do a “one thing fits all” system. We go from checking out the job, to the proposal, to the estimate and we do this same thing over and over and never look at each customer as a separate and special person with different needs than the last 10 people we talked to.

What do they want?

There are going to be some action items that we talk about today that will help you become more consistent in that area and (I hope) win you some more jobs. In order to get your message across you’re going to have to be very specifically oriented to their type of client. Because we get bombarded with so many marketing messages each day, just giving them a flyer on your services or handing them your generic brochure will not cut it anymore. That type of piece is probably going to get thrown in the garbage. Because there is so much information out there, you have to be very specific on what they want and the supply that need.

With all the the media your prospects are bombarded with, how do you stand out how you get your customer to focusing on what you have to offer? How do you get them to respond to the offer that you are presenting to them?

We have talked about everyone’s responses to text over email, so send a text message to follow up and be different.

In order to get your message heard, you really need to be creative. Your marketing needs to stand out, whether that is an email you are sending or a mail piece that you want opened, you need to have something memorable about it. Remember, we talked about it on the first podcast about being boring well if you going to be boring with your marketing, don’t bother!

We succeed at our marketing because we know who our customers are. Not just by name, but where they live, approximately how much they make, where they work, and whats type of cars they drive. WE also consider how they think about things as far as price over value or value over price. You really need to get into the mind of your customer and start being very specific about how they think and what you need to focus on to get them to pick up the phone and call you.

In reality your customer doesn’t think the same way as you do, and you don’t think same way your customer does. In reality only about 25% all people probably think the way you do and if you are only marketing how you like to buy, you are missing 45% of the sales you could be getting. If you could figure out how to connect with them, you would increase your sales and your closing ratio absolutely.

So when I am going after a particular type of customer who makes a certain type of income, now I’ve got the whole scenario of who, what, where, why, how, in my mental database. Now I to target that market more specifically and get better results, so I can actually take the pie like we’ve talked before and make it smaller but make it more profitable

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Additional resources

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We wanted to share this video of Dave talking at a recent national pressure washing conference. It is really raw and we didn’t edit it, but there are great nuggets about targeting your perfect customer.

VIDEO :: If you don’t know how you customer buys how can you sell them? This video will give you an idea of who your customer can be, what they buy, who they are and it is all based on time and money. It is broken down for you with some really good stuff!

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knowing-how-your-customer-thinks-1024x683Knowing how your customer thinks so you can sell them more effectively | Episode 58

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